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  • We will always notify you by email first if we need more information.
  • (Prefix: Ms, Mr, Mrs / Middle Name / Suffix)
  • Who you are in your own words... A plumber, an engineer, a storyteller? And what does that mean to you? An engineer is someone who designs, tests, and reapplies.
  • How can you help your ideal client/ the person reading the bio. What problem do you solve?
  • Education, Awards, Certifications. Your Career path. What personal journey got you to where you are now?
  • What makes you different from all others? Years of experience or things that you have accomplished.
  • What do you share with your ideal client/ bio reader? Special traits? Master rock-climber, avid reader? Hobbies, things you love... You tell me!
  • Any existing profiles or company websites that you would like us to view and/or include in your bio?
  • Things that are important to you. What MUST be included in this bio?