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Rachel Avery Conley

Hi, I’m Rachel and I love light.

No really, I used to chase sunbeams as a kid. Thanks to my father, I was involved in theater productions really young, and started working with stage light by age 14. By 17, I was working backstage professionally. In college, I expanded into television lighting design, working with local 1 at NBC. I was a professional AV geek.

As it is for most people, life after college meant making some actual money to support myself and I ended up in an administrative role in a theater on Broadway. Over the next decade, I stayed on the administrative side, moved to Boston, and somehow ended up working at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at MIT. Although I loved where I worked, I did not love what I was doing (HR), so I went back to school studying design at MassArt.

Through all of my careers, I always made friends with the IT people. I learned to code HTML & CSS and started playing around in WordPress. That led to helping all of my friends build websites, then wikis, then blogs. This amazing hobby has turned into a business that I love. I can use my administrative & organizational skills to create a structure around blogging, then the coding and geeking to make it actually work!

Oh yeah, and I still love light, but now I join my babies (both the 2legged and 4legged kinds) to chase the sunbeams. It’s much more fun!

photo by Joline Richard