Photography Business Tech Support: Programs to Support your Client Questionnaires

October 26, 2017

Photography Business Tech Support: Programs to Support your Client Questionnaires

One of the fundamental steps in building a relationship with your clients is uncovering their unique wants and needs. When you know what your client wants out of their photography session before you even begin, it makes the whole process easier. Using specially crafted client questionnaires can help you to find out more about your clients. But what’s even better than having all of this information readily available to you is having it electronically sent right to your inbox.

Why Client Questionnaires?

Having a client questionnaire serves two purposes. The first and most important reason is to uncover information about your client that will help you build a relationship. And we all know that having a good relationship with customers leads to enjoyable sessions!

The second reason is to help you have a story to tell on your blog. We talked about what questions you can ask your wedding photography clients and then we followed it up with some awesome questions you can ask for maternity, newborn, family, and senior sessions.

Without a solid client questionnaire, you could potentially end up having to go back to your client multiple times with multiple emails to find out important details not only for the blog but for the session itself. Moreover, many clients book their sessions months—even years—before their actual event. Don’t put yourself into the position of trying to find an email with an answer you need in a sea of correspondence. A well-crafted client survey will give you all the information you need, and it will give it to you all in one place.

Tech Support

Depending on the amount of help you need and what platform you use, there are many different programs that can help you build, host, and manage your client questionnaires.

Gravity Forms

A powerful WordPress add-on, Gravity Forms, allows you to quickly and easily build online forms and questionnaires. Their easy-to-use, intuitive form editor allows you to create the contact forms you need. With a wide variety of pre-set form templates and endless customization options, Gravity Forms is a wonderful choice for your WordPress site.


For a full business management solution, an amazing choice is Dubsado. It can be used for anything from capturing leads and client questionnaires to quotes, contracts and payments. This software solution for photographers and creative entrepreneurs is both versatile and powerful. Offering a template library with more than 50 client questionnaires to start from, Dubsado makes staying in touch easy.

Wedding photographer Amma Rhea trusts her CRM to Dubsado:

“I use Dubsado for all my client management and send the questionnaires through their client portal. Dubsado is great and has amazing customer service.”


Another option for client questionnaires is MachForm. This functional, affordable, user-friendly web form software is a solid choice for adding forms to your client management workflow. With their instant form and survey creator, you can drag and drop your options to create your own custom forms for client interaction. From inquiries to invoices, you can manage many different forms within the MachForm platform. Choose from a professional theme, or create your own.

Newborn photographer Melissa Layton uses MachForm for her client management. She says:

“I love using MachForm. The customer service any time I’ve had issues is top notch!”

Customers for Life

Staying focused on knowing all you can about your customer can go a long way towards earning their trust. When your customers feel valued and cared for, they are more likely to be happy customers. And happy customers are more likely to refer friends and family back to you. Even if you don’t use client questionnaires for your blog, using them as a part of your client management workflow can go a long way toward making your customer’s experience as good as it can be.