3 Ideas for Halloween Blog Topics

October 31, 2017

3 Ideas for Halloween Blog Topics

One of the best thing about holidays is how each one has its own unique personality. Halloween is especially fun as it has two distinct sides to it. On one hand, it inspires fun and creativity as people decorate homes, cars and yards with amazing different themes. And, of course, there is also the never-ending quest for the best costume! On the other hand, Halloween has an air of mystery and horror. All the scariest movies pop up on the television. Ghost tours, zombie lurches, haunted houses and other spooky festivities are frequent weekend occurrences. But what kind of costume can you put onto your photography blog? Here are 3 ideas for Halloween Blog Topics to help you enjoy this spooky season. 

Halloween Blog Topic 1: Get Involved

One of the hottest trends right now around Halloween is the idea of “Trunk or Treat.” In busy neighborhoods where being out on the street at night is a safety hazard, and in rural neighborhoods where there might be only a few houses on a street, the idea of “Trunk or Treat” has become an attractive alternative for parents and kids alike.  Parents like it for the safety. Kids like it because… let’s face it—it’s a pretty easy haul to grab a ton of candy.

A really fun idea for your photography company and your blog would be to get involved with a local Trunk or Treat event. It’s an awesome way to get your card in the hands of a ton of locals. Plus, who can resist a parade of adorable kids in costume in a blog post? This is an easy way to get involved in your community, connect with adults and teenagers alike and get your name out there.  Plus, it’s an unexpected opportunity to connect for some extra print sales! By using your Trunk or Treat adventures as a Halloween Blog Topic, you might see additional visits and shares since all those excited parents share your blog post and drive traffic to your photography website!

Halloween Blog Topic 2: Get Personal

One of the reasons a potential customer visits your blog is to get to know you a little better.  And what better way to get to know you than by showing off your Halloween costumes! Get together with another photographer friend and capture your costumes, your kid’s costumes, or your yard decoration. Showcase your creativity and your hard work as a Halloween Blog post!

We still, years later, love this featured blog post from photographer Melissa Layton. Melissa is a custom maternity, newborn, baby, children and family photographer located in Harleysville, PA. But what we didn’t know is that she’s also a master costume creator! Her attention to detail and the love she put into her children’s costumes still blows us away. If you’re creative like this, make sure to get credit for it. It’s a wonderful way to show a little more of who you are and your personality. Not to mention how much people love to connect with fans of their favorite movies and video games! 

Halloween Blog Topic 3: Get Inspired

Another fun thing to do on your blog is a themed shoot. Grab some local vendors and some willing victims…  I mean… volunteers…. And get a Halloween themed spooky shoot together. Here are some suggestions:

    • A Spooky “Trash the Dress” session out in the woods in the dark
    • Feature a “Haunted” old building in the area as a backdrop for a mock-engagement session
    • Use masks, capes, pumpkins, or skulls as props in sessions
  • After-dark shots can be a little dramatic and mysterious- perfect for Halloween

Have some fun! Always be thinking of your target client and what they would be interested in reading. Remember, anything you write should be written to attract and entice your ideal client. If your dream bride isn’t a big fan of Halloween, you might consider one of these other autumn blog topics to feature.

As always, the team here at Fotoskribe would love to help you blog for any holiday. Have a safe and happy Halloween from all of us here behind the scenes.