6 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For Wedding Photography Business

October 20, 2021
6 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For Wedding Photography Business

How to increase brand awareness for a business? This is a question that many business owners fret over. If you, as a wedding photography business owner, find asking the same question to yourself, then first take a deep breath and relax! Because you are channelizing your thoughts in the right direction. Brand awareness is one of the first steps of any consumer’s association with a business, and raising brand awareness is crucial for any commercial venture to survive and thrive in the market. Brand recognition, its recall value, and product sales – all begin with brand awareness and are hugely dependent on it. Why? Because it helps your target audience identify with your brand and put their trust in your products and services. And that makes it vital for your business to have a brand awareness strategy in place. Wondering how to work on building client awareness around your business and products? In this blog, we offer you some useful tips that could help you navigate this path and maximize the buzz around your brand. 

What Is Brand Awareness & Why It Is Important

Infographic stating brand awareness boosts the recognition & recall value of your product or services

In simple words, brand awareness is when you ask for Coke instead of cola and Xerox papers instead of photocopied documents! Just like Coke and Xerox, several other brands have also become proprietary eponyms – which basically means that these brands hold the top positions when it comes to raising brand awareness among their consumers. Their immense popularity has helped them replace several of the generic terms associated with services and products they sell with their brand names in people’s daily interactions, and they are always top of mind of their target audience. And that’s what drives sales for these brands – because prospective buyers possibly can’t think beyond these brand names when making a purchase.

And a solid brand awareness strategy could have multiple benefits besides just driving sales your way. To begin with, it could ensure that your customers stay loyal toward your brand, which guarantees consistency when your audience makes purchases. This could, in turn, earn you the trust of your target audience, making your brand look credible and authentic in their eyes. Still, thinking if you really need to build brand awareness for your business? Let’s just put it this way – not doing so could be something like fishing in the dark or simply waiting for miracles to happen. And that might not be the ideal situation for your business. The fact that you are reading this blog is proof enough that you are most likely looking to grow your business – and raising your business’s brand awareness could help you do just that. So, you might want to check out all the tips we have shared here and get started with your strategy on spreading your brand awareness!

How To Increase Brand Awareness

1. Focus On Local Partnerships

Infographic stating partner with related local businesses to increase brand awareness

Partnering with local businesses that are related to your industry could be a great way of tapping into a new audience and increasing brand awareness amid them. Many local businesses such as florists, venue coordinators, music bands, and wedding attire designers could be catering to the same client base as yours. So when you establish relationships with these vendors, not only do they become aware of your brand, but even their potential and present clients get to learn about your services, and who knows, they might even hire your services in the future!

2. Hold Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth referrals still work like magic! And it holds true when you are looking to increase brand awareness as well. Many business owners, especially marketers, have put their faith in this strategy of drawing more clients for as long as we can remember. When your past clients refer you to their friends and family and let them know about your amazing services, it could just increase your chances of maximizing your client base. And therefore, rewarding your clients with free photo prints, quick shoots, or loyalty programs might encourage them to spread the good word about you and your business.

3. Don’t Neglect Traditional Advertising

There’s no denying that a huge number of businesses, as well as audiences, have migrated to various online platforms, but that doesn’t mean traditional advertising has lost its sheen entirely. So getting some nice billboards, posters, and pamphlets designed for your business could be a good way of increasing brand awareness. You may also partner with local magazines and collaborate for a guest post that showcases your work and talks about your brand. Wondering what else could help you spread the word? A physical portfolio and sample albums might also help you boost recall value for your work when any of your potential clients visit your studio or connect with you for a consultation.

4. Use The Power Of Content Marketing

Infographic stating share images and stories that resonate with your audience

When we talk about content marketing, it’s important to note that this isn’t just about keyword rankings, search engine optimization (SEO), and backlinks but also a lovely way to tell stories that make an impact. These could be stories about your couples, the struggles, and challenges you faced as a wedding photographer, technical snags during your shoots, and how you navigated your way through them. Not only could these relatable stories and content be a great way to connect with your target audience but also could help you to increase brand awareness in the process. Besides these stories, even your gorgeous wedding images and behind-the-scenes videos are great content to increase your brand’s visibility and reach. These strategies could go a long way in establishing you as a professional photographer in the market and boost your brand’s recall value.

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5. Take Advantage of PPC Ads

PPC or pay-per-click advertisements could be a smart way to draw the attention of your target audience on Google. With many businesses using SEO tactics to rank higher on search engines, organic traffic could take a hit. So using targeted keywords could help you show up at the top of Google search results for people looking for those particular services. Even if your audience doesn’t click on your ads, they’d still be seeing your brand name on the top of the Google page. This will likely do two wonderful things – help you increase brand awareness for your wedding photography business and build credibility for your brand.

6. Run Social Media Contests & Giveaways

Infographic stating running social media contests and giveaways could help you spread the word about your brand

Running contests and organizing giveaways could be a great way to interact with your potential clients and increase your brand awareness on social media. Looking for some contest and giveaway ideas to engage with your audience? As a wedding photographer, you could run social media giveaways, encouraging your target audience to submit photos or videos they’ve shot. You could also run a simple caption-the-photo contest where your audience other than the contestants vote for their favorites. Another way of increasing your brand reach could be asking your contestants to share your social media links with their family and friends to get more votes to win the contest. Thinking about how to reward the winners? Depending on your convenience and comfort, you might want to offer them a free photo session or even a camera! Or, how about spa vouchers or movie tickets? Such marketing practices could not only help you build excitement around your brand name but also help you increase brand awareness.

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When it comes to brand growth, there’s hardly one single way to reach out to your audience – especially in this day and age as people’s attention spans are shrinking, while a plethora of brands are vying to grab consumer eyeballs more than ever before. And therefore, it might be a good idea to pay equal attention to both social media and the traditional modes of brand awareness strategies for yielding maximum results. And as a business owner, it is important that you identify what will work best for your brand. Increasing your brand awareness could take time and you might have to wait it out before any of the points we mentioned here begin to show results. Eventually, patience and planning would likely pay off in building a brand that remains top of mind for your target audience.

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