6 Types Of Interactive Content To Impress & Engage Audience

October 27, 2021
6 Types Of Interactive Content To Impress and Engage Audience

Have you ever taken a personality test online? Or answered a fun quiz to find out your spirit animal? If so, you’d know that these activities could be really engaging and enjoyable for your audience. That’s the power of interactive content! It not only grabs the attention of your audience, encouraging them to participate in the content engagement program you have designed for them, but it could also leave them impressed about your brand. The result? A feel-good quotient and an enhanced recall value for your brand. Most of us love content that’s creative and stimulating at the same time, and therefore, marketers these days are increasingly focusing on harnessing that strength. Though it’s not a completely new idea, this concept has gained some serious traction in the recent past. If you too want to use this strategy to achieve your marketing goals, we’ve got 6 types of interactive content ideas for you that could help your wedding photography business to turn heads online and increase your brand engagement.

How Interactive Content Can Help Your Business

Infographic stating interactive content can drive more traffic to your website

When you include interactive content in your content marketing strategy, it could benefit you in multiple ways. From helping you to grab the attention of your target audience and engaging with them to building brand awareness, boosting brand recognition and recall value – it’s a long list of pros. Content of this kind not only allows you to connect with your audience but also sets a tone for your brand. And this helps your audience understand if your brand tone is serious and formal or casual and friendly. And once your audience understands your products and what your brand stands for, targeting your niche market could be much easier. Also, interesting and uniquely designed content would, in all probability, set you apart from your competitors and help you position yourself as an industry leader.

Want to hear more? Interactive content is also a great way to drive more traffic to your website and is more likely to lead to conversions than passive content. Also, if your audience doesn’t convert into clients at the very beginning, there’s a greater chance they’d come back for more and eventually want to use your services. If you’re keen to get started, you could explore the 6 types of content ideas that we’ve put together and create highly immersive and fun content strategies for your target audience. Read through to learn more!

Stand Out With These 6 Types Of Interactive Content Formats

1. Polls & Surveys

Infographic stating conducting a poll or survey could help you gather feedback and receive business solutions

Polls and surveys could work as reference points for both the business owner and the target audience. Want to learn about the most sought-after wedding destinations that couples are eyeing in the coming wedding season? Conducting a poll or a survey could help you find that out. If, for example, Hawaii tops the chart, you could run a marketing campaign targeting this island paradise to generate more bookings. Such marketing exercises could even help you with finding answers to questions that you might have been toying with for a while – things like what your clients consider as the ideal delivery time for your images, or if they give as much importance to the gear you use. Interactive content ideas like these could help you convey to your audience that you care for their needs and are keen to serve them what they want – and even innovate.

2. Quizzes & Contests

Infographic stating fun quizzes and contests could attract your target audience and drive brand engagement

You can go creative with this one and use quizzes and contests to create a buzz around your brand. While such fun initiatives could give the participants an opportunity to win free gifts, for you, the wedding photography business owner, these could be a perfect way to interact with your audience and establish your brand as a trustworthy and authentic enterprise. Highly relied upon by marketers, this strategy could not only help you attract clients but also build a good rapport in the market and stay top of mind of your potential clients.

3. Interesting Videos

A short video shot at one of your recent weddings, a behind-the-scenes clip, an educational video, or anything that’s audio-visual and photography-related could become an interactive content format for your business and brand. How? When you upload a video, your target audience would be able to like, share and subscribe to your video channel and also drop in their comments in the box below. You can respond to these comments and drive engagement. To encourage your audience to take action, do not forget the call to action at the beginning and end of the video. Also, ensure you have all the required permissions from the client whose video you might be showcasing.

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4. Interactive Infographics

Infographic stating break down statistics and data into easy, lucid formats with interactive infographics

Using infographics for marketing started a long time back. Resorting to colorful display of information was always popular among marketers. But those were all static content, but interactive infographics make disseminating information more dynamic. This method could help you highlight data to your audience that they can interact with. Their clickable options often give viewers a chance to dig deeper into the statistics. Some of them may even allow the audience to adjust the data according to their own preferences for a more personalized experience.

5. Interactive Images & Portfolio

Infographic stating attract your target audience with interactive images

Engaging the audience through interactive images and portfolios could be a great way for wedding photographers to achieve their content marketing goals. In fact, many businesses prefer using galleries to attract their niche audience and interact with them. And when images form your core skill set as well as your business focus area, we recommend you try making the most of this expertise. And interactive images could be multi-layered and functional and encourage the user to explore more of your content. You can learn how to create interactive images here.

6. Emails

The intimate design of emails gives them an edge over other types of interactive content. Emails allow you to interact with your audience at a personal level as compared to broadcast messaging formats. And a compelling subject line could help you ensure better open rates for your emails. Whereas embedding videos, surveys, quizzes, polls, games, charts, and similar other features in your emails could drive a higher engagement rate for your content and brand. 

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While one-way content makes your audience aware of your products and services, two-sided or interactive content could generate their interest further and keep them hooked to your content to a far greater degree. This way, not only will your target audience be encouraged to actively participate in the marketing programs that you design to draw their attention, but it could also leave them highly impressed each time you come up with an interactive idea that resonates with their preferences and likings. From polls and surveys to personalized emails and contests, you could pick any to draw the interest of your target audience or even come up with a combination of the ideas we shared above depending on what gels with your brand identity and the services you offer. So, keep customizing and innovating until you zero in on the right kind of interactive content that perfectly fits with your business vision.

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