Photography Blogging Tips: Giving Blog Time to Both Bride and Groom

September 7, 2017

Photography Blogging Tips Giving Blog Time to Both Bride and Groom Image Courtesy of 6:8 Photography

Image Courtesy of 6:8 Photography

As a wedding photographer, get to enjoy so many amazing weddings. But at the end of the day, when you’re looking over those images and deciding which ones you will feature, how do you decide which images make the cut? We’ve had a lot of experience with wedding blogs over the years, so we wanted to give you a few photography blogging tips on how to delight your customers by making sure the bride and groom both have representation in the blog.

Photography Blogging Tip 1: Tell Both Sides of the Story

One of the amazing benefits of blogging as a photographer is how every wedding is unique. The story, the images, the venue, and most importantly, the people who are involved. Whether it’s a bride and groom with a particularly touching love story, or a group of family members who are so much more fun than you expect, there is always something that makes each wedding special. And while it’s important to focus on those unique people and elements, it’s just as important to make sure that both the bride and the groom are featured on the blog.

Don’t forget: the day is about both of them. Try to show the whole story.

It’s fine if you forget to mention that there was a magnolia in the middle of the table because the bride’s favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. It’s fine if you don’t have a picture of her shoes. But for the love of everything good and right in the world, do not forget the groom.

We know it’s an easy mistake to make. A lot of the wedding is focused on the bride—starting with the getting ready pictures, the pictures of the dress, and the pictures of her walking down the aisle. . . . But it’s just as important to get the groom in there and to tell his story. So many blogs feature stunning pictures of the bride on her own, the bride in silhouette, the bride looking pensive. But when you are culling your favorite images of the day, make sure you have one or two of the groom, as well.

Or, maybe you’re inclined to focus on the groom over the bride. Maybe you had a personal connection with him. You grew up together, you share the same love of Star Wars, or maybe the groomsmen were the life of the party. Again, that’s great, but do not forget the bride. When telling the story of the day, make sure to tell the whole story.

Photography Blogging Tip 2: Find Balance

It’s absolutely fine to give more time to one person than another if you have more to say about the bride or groom. Many times, the bride is the one who has been doing a lot of the planning for the wedding day and is often your first business contact. If the groom is a friend from college, obviously you will have plenty of wonderful stories to share about your history together and his path towards finding love. It’s fine to share those personal stories of your experience both as friends and at the wedding.

What’s not fine is to give no or very little attention to the other half of the equation.

Here are some easy ways to strike a balance in your blog post:

  • The expressions during the first look are always amazing, on both sides.
  • Did the bride or groom do something special for the people in their wedding party?
  • Include wedding day “getting ready” pictures for both bride and groom.
  • Were there father/daughter or mother/son dances?
  • How did the couple meet?
  • What was their engagement story?

No matter what you choose to say, make sure you have words and images to bring balance to your blog post. After all, you want your couples to feel like you loved them—both of them!

Featured Blog:

Wedding photographer Kevan Wilkie from 6:8 Photography does a great job with creating that balance with his blog and we wanted to feature one of our favorite blogs in this post. Not only does he feature amazing pictures of the bride and groom, but the bride even helped him capture one of the pictures of her new husband. Take a look at his stunning wedding blog post here.

Photography Blogging Tip 3: Get Some Extra Help

At Fotoskribe, we can help you with your blog posts to ensure your words and images achieve that balance. If we spot an imbalance, or if we need more information, we will reach out! We know there are hundreds of images you’re trying to cull down for your blog. We are happy to help make sure your blog captures the joy of both the bride and the groom.

Writing posts that showcase the love between your wedding couples will make them excited to share those posts. Make sure your blog tells both sides of the story and finds a balance between the moments. Your customers will be thrilled with the result!