The Stories behind your Images: Shooting with Intent

June 16, 2017

What if I told you that your blog could write itself? You’d tell me I was crazy, right? Blogs don’t write themselves.  Well, in the world of photography blogging, especially with wedding blogs, they very often do write their own stories. “Huh?”, you say. How does it happen? Your images tell the stories. But here’s the truth:  only you know the story behind your images.

Here are a 3 easy steps on how you can shoot with intent to make blogging easier

Begin with the End in Mind

Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is referenced frequently when discussing businesses. Habit two is “begin with the end in mind.” Now we all know that your goal when you’re at a wedding is to capture amazing moments to deliver your couple spectacular images. But somewhere between capturing, culling, correcting and delivering these images what else happens?


Your blog.

Not only is your blog an important marketing tool, but it’s also a quick and easy way for your clients to find you and relate to you. The stories you choose to tell are how your clients can get to know you.  Beginning with the end in mind– or, rather: beginning with your BLOG in mind can help make the blog you write for the event that you’re shooting effortless. While you are capturing the event, think about what you might write about.  

What Story Stands Out?

Weddings are amazing things. They are the culmination of so many stories. We wrote about how your images turn moments into memories  and every image that you capture tells a story. Weddings are just LOADED with stories aching to be shared.

Tell a Love Story

The easiest story to tell is pretty obvious. Tell the story of the couple! A love story accompanied by your stunning images is an easy way to always have something to blog about.

  • How the bride and groom met
  • How they got engaged
  • How they got together

Your blog needs unique creative content, and here’s the cool thing—when you’re telling the story of your couple your content will ALWAYS be unique. Here’s an even cooler thing: this is something your bride or groom can provide you. Newlyweds LOVE telling this story. Create an easy form or survey for them to fill out and you’re in business.

Details, details, details.

There are so many stories that are hiding in the details of the day. Someone pulled all of these details together.  Maybe it was the bride, who had been dreaming of this day for years.  Maybe it was the couple, creatively finding ways to showcase little bits of themselves in this party. Maybe it was a wedding planner, who thoughtfully pulled it all together based on countless meetings. Maybe it was a mother (or mother-in-law) who put her foot down and staunchly proclaimed this is the way the wedding will be.

Hey, man.  They’re all good stories.

  • The groomsmen wearing superhero socks.
  • The bride walking down the aisle to the theme from The Princess Bride and the “I do’s” being changed to “As you wish.”
  • The first dance being the song from “Tangled” and the bride and groom releasing lanterns in the parking lot. (By the way, yes, that dress IS from the Alfred Angelo Disney Princess line…)
  • Singing the Notre Dame fight song as the bride and groom run down the aisle.

Your images can’t tell these stories.  You might capture the moments, but that story gets lost.  Remember it.  And then go ahead and share these details.  Your couple will be so touched that you remembered them and that the stories are shared.

Again—if you aren’t sure, or if your season is too busy to remember?  Enlist that couple. They will be thrilled to share the details.

The Day Itself

Another story hiding in the wedding day is the one that you can tell: what happened.  Go down the timeline and tell the story of the day.  You met up at hair and makeup.  The bride and groom did a first look.  And then they walked down the aisle. People danced.  There was cake. There was an exit.

Let me ask you something…

You can tell me, it’s okay- I won’t judge you.

Do all the details blend together?  

When you’re shooting 60…  70 weddings a year…  do the first looks all start to feel the same?

Furthermore, do you just not feel like you have the right words to make each blog sound different?

If that’s the case, get inventive!  Find a detail that blew you away. Focus on something that makes this couple, THIS WEDDING as unique and special as a snowflake. Remember that Google LOVES good content. Having the chance to make your blog unique, interesting and different week after week after week is what will help your SEO.

Talk about the things that really stood out.  

  • The way that rain threatened all day and magically never showed up.  
  • The fact that the bride’s dress was remade from her mother’s.
  • How the bride and groom couldn’t stop looking at each other and the stress of the day fell away.

Tell the stories worth telling.  Tell the stories that match your images. Focus on the details that stand out and the blogging just gets easier.

Who’s Reading this, Anyway?

Whatever details you focus on, whatever strategy you decide to employ, remember to always be thinking of who is reading your blog. Is your blog for your clients? Is it for other photographers? Is it for wedding blogs? The stories you decide to share and the way that you share them will change depending on your target audience. Your images are worth seeing.  This story is worth telling. Just make sure you’re reaching the readers you’re hoping for.

If you’re consistently watching for the story behind your images, blogging becomes easy. What makes it even easier is when you have help. So, remember that if you aren’t sure how to tell your story or if you need help getting your words out, we’re here to help! We have a team of blogging experts ready to do the heavy lifting for you.