Worth a Thousand Words: First Look Laughter

November 7, 2017


In our “Worth a Thousand Words” series, the Fotoskribe team sets out to show how simple blogging can be, by taking a single picture and blogging the story behind it. This series is meant to show how details, memories, and moments are the most important things to capture when you blog about your photography.

Every one of your images captures a story.  Those stories are worth sharing.

When thinking about what story you should tell on your blog, sometimes it can be overwhelming to remember every single detail of every single moment.  In this series, we want to share how the stories you tell might just be centered around one key moment.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Put those words on your blog.

Whether it’s a story of an experience you had as a photographer, a story of what your customers experienced, or a story of how you were inspired to create the image, sometimes one story is enough for a whole blog.

This image comes from our Director of Content, Melissa Dydyn, and she tells her story here.

Wedding Timeline Woes

November was unseasonably warm the year I got married. The autumn leaves had hung on, moving from brilliant yellows and golds into oranges and reds and then deepening to the rich persimmons, cinnamons, and browns that signified the end of fall. There was an unmistakable chill to the air, saying winter was coming and there was nothing we could do to stop it. It was mysterious, with the edge of wood smoke to the air and frost etching its name onto windowpanes and car doors every morning and evening. It was perfect wedding weather.

To me, at least.  My guests still laugh about how cold it was.

I loved everything about my wedding. All of it. No one who came to the wedding knew the struggle we had leading up to it. The absolute, tear-inducing realization that my wedding fell on the last day of daylight saving time and that my meticulously crafted, thoughtfully planned timeline put my ceremony in the dark.

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I was torn, because having time for all of my portraits was just as important as the outdoor ceremony. So, I leaned in and trusted my photographers, Sam and Dave from Arius Photography . They came up with a solution on our first look and found a different location than we’d planned.  It eliminated some of the hiking we would have to do around the amazing property at the Full Moon Resort.

First Look Laughter

That’s how we found ourselves down by the bank of the creek, with a grove of trees that provided us with some privacy. My now-husband and I shared a moment of laughter together as I fixed his hastily folded pocket square. He marveled at how I looked with all that makeup. It was a breath of fresh air as we looked at each other and relaxed into one another. The planning was over. The stress was over. And here we were.  Anything that didn’t get planned and everything that didn’t get decided, we let go of and instead we held onto one another.

The moment this picture was taken, Sam crawled her way up the embankment to get pictures of us from a different angle. Her husband, and partner in crime, Dave was hidden behind the crab apple trees. Sam called down the hill, telling my husband to tell me a secret.

He leaned in, cupping one hand on my elbow to pull me in. And then he said, “Today I finally get to marry you.”

The joy, laughter, and breathless excitement is all written into my smile. The meal count on the gluten free, vegetarian meals didn’t matter anymore. The color of the roses on the boutonnieres was forgotten. It was at this moment that we realized that the wedding is about celebrating our love.

So that’s exactly what we did.


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