Why is blogging important for your business?

August 23, 2018

Why is Blogging Important for Your Business?

Customers often pose the question to us, “Why should I blog?” The answer is simple: blogging will grow your business. Implementing a focused content strategy for your business is essential to driving new customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Why? Because technology has drastically changed the way consumers make their purchasing decisions. Today’s customers search for, research, and find places to buy using the internet.

In fact, 94% of business buyers do some form of online research. According to a 2014 State of B2B Procurement Study conducted by Acquity Group (now an Accenture company):

• 77% use Google search
• 84% check business websites
• 34% visit 3rd party websites
• 41% read buyer reviews

The internet provides customers a way to research businesses. A blog is an effective way for customers to connect with you, your brand, and what sets you apart from other businesses. In fact, a thoughtfully curated blog can help customers feel engaged before they even need to make a purchasing decision!

If you aren’t blogging, you should be!

Blogging is truly one of the strongest foundational tools you can leverage to help engaged and purchase-ready consumers find you. When done correctly, integrating a blog with your business website can have many benefits.

Blogging Drives SEO

Leveraging effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is one of the most critical elements in a blog that generates more traffic to your site. Doing this correctly ensures your website is easily indexed and ranked by major search engines like Google, Bing, and more. Furthermore, effective SEO isn’t just about scattering a few relevant keywords about your business, product or service. Search engines look for four key elements to effective content:

Keyword density

Don’t just say it once – say it again and again. Incorporate repetitive keywords that still read well overall. Repetitive keywords and phrases, appearing across a variety of articles in a variety of different ways, will drive better rankings.


A back-link is generated when one website links to another. Using these links tells Google and other search engines that your content (and- as a result, your business) is trusted.

Frequent updates

Fresh content at a regular cadence means search engines will crawl and index your site more often. Moreover, this drives higher search results for your business. It’s not just volume, but regularity that will help you climb the search results. Of course, having one good post won’t get you to the front page of google.  It’s important to have new, keyword-rich posts every week.

Long-tail keywords

Use very specific phrases to attract buyers of very unique or niche products and services. To put it differently, a “long tail” keyword is more specific, using a short phrase instead of just a word. Ranking for long-tail keywords will attract customers who are highly qualified contacts.

Blogging Builds Credibility for your Brand

According to a survey by Roper Public Affairs and published in Forbes, 80% of business decision-makers say they prefer to get information via articles, not ads. 70% said content makes them feel closer to a company, and 60% said content provided by companies helps them make smarter buying decisions. Suffice to say, while traditional advertising might generate some clicks, driving customers to content that is relevant, meaningful, and informative is what builds credibility. And that’s what creates an emotional connection with your buyer.

Need help Building your Blogging Strategy?

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