Are you ready to outsource the blogging for your photography business? – an Infographic

October 21, 2015
Rachel Avery Conley



We need to talk straight with you. A little tough love. We know you are in the midst of the busy season. How many weddings do you have left to edit? Family Sessions to schedule? Holiday Card Galleries to send out? We understand!

But – the busy season is also the most important time to blog. Moms are looking for photographers to take those yearly holiday card images. Couples are about to get engaged, and brides-to-be are already out there looking for amazing images to dream about.

So are you blogging? In between the wediting (not a typo), the gallery posting, the client communications, and – don’t forget your family, ARE YOU BLOGGING?

We created an infographic to help you figure out if it’s time for you to find a trusted partner to help with the task of blogging for your business.

Are you ready to outsource the blogging for your photography business?

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Question 1: Are you blogging?

No – Consider partnering with Fotoskribe.

Yes – Move on to Question #2.

Question #2: Are you blogging on a schedule?

No – Come talk to us, we can help!

Yes – Move on to Question #3.

Question #3: At least 1x per week?

NoContact us – blogging consistently and regularly is the most important thing you can do for SEO.

Yes – Keep doing what you are doing!



If you answered Yes to all the questions above – Congrats! Blogging on a schedule at least once a week is hard, but don’t underestimate the good that you are doing for your business.

If you answered No to any of the questions, we are here to help. Even just to get you on a schedule, we have plans that fit every business. Feel free to reach out to learn more.

And remember – January is just around the corner!!