6 Incredible Ways To Earn More Backlinks For Your Website

December 31, 2021
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Backlinks! Almost every website owner who has search engine optimization (SEO) and website rankings in mind pays a good amount of attention to these inbound links. And why not? These links play a major role in boosting the rankings and the domain authority of a website. So how exactly do these links work wonders for your site? Hyperlinks on an external website that lead to yours are called backlinks and sometimes even referred to as external links. Getting a link back from another website is like receiving a vote of confidence for yours, and we need not emphasize how well this can work for your brand. Think of them as a citation to your page or portal. But there’s a catch! Not all of them work in the same way. Wrong or toxic ones can, in fact, end up harming your website. It’s important that you earn the ones that are authoritative, relevant to your website, and unique (meaning high authority websites that have not given external links to your competitors). Organic ones that are not paid for or sponsored also qualify for high-quality external links. If you’re looking for ways to earn more links directed back to your website, we have you covered! Read this blog for 6 incredible ways to earn backlinks that could help you boost your website ranking in no time!

Earn More Backlinks With These Smart Tips

1. Produce Link-Worthy Content

Create relevant and engaging content that is worthy of citation

Would you give an external link to a blog that doesn’t have informative and relevant content? Would you endorse a website that’s not visually appealing or has incomprehensible content? If your answer to the two questions posed above is no, you’d already know by now what we mean by producing link-worthy content. To stay on top of the game, you’d need to post fresh, unique, engaging, and informative content – consistently and frequently. The more impressed your audience is with your content, the more chances you will have of receiving these links from the ones who have their own websites (be it industry players or just couples who follow your tips).

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2. Use Skyscraper Strategy

Duplicate external links from other websites with improved content

This strategy involves looking for some popular content online, writing an improved article with better infographics, images, and other relevant information that was not included in the already published article, and then, duplicating the backlinks. To get this right, you will have to first search for a topic of your choice and then find the top articles on the first page of your search engine. Pick the best article from the lot and then create your own – which is even better. When your new article begins getting good attention from the audience, you can use a backlink checker tool such as the one from Ahrefs to find out about the external links that the original article had. Once you have the names, you can contact these websites and let them know how your article is much superior and suggest that they link back to your blog.

3. Building Broken Links

This could qualify as a little off-beat strategy and is lesser known out of the others on this list. To implement this strategy, you will need to find 404 errors or similar issues on a photography-related or your genre-relevant website and then politely inform them about the problems. This way, you will be able to build a good relationship with these businesses, as you’ll be doing them a favor and also increase the chances of them rewarding you with external links. In case your website has blogs similar to the ones they’ll be removing, then you’d also have the advantage of encouraging them to link the content to your blogs. The Google Chrome Extension called Check My Links will easily help you find and track such broken links. 

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4. Show Other Vendors Some Love

Target high domain authority websites to get high-quality linkbacks

If you genuinely love a product or service, you could offer to write a testimonial for them or post a positive review in exchange for a link back to your blog or website. Receiving a testimonial or a good review is important and desirable to most brands, as they have the potential to attract more customers by showing them off on social media and other platforms online as a credibility-building exercise. Chances are your positive review will prompt them to happily give you a backlink in return. Try to stick to your industry-related products and services while doing this exercise and target websites with a high domain authority to get high-quality backlinks.

5. Guest Posts/Interviews

Target high domain authority websites to get high-quality linkbacks

There are so many websites that have a section open to contributors. They let you write blogs, publish them on their website, and even allow you to link back to your website. You can even link back to your bio and portfolio on these websites. Now, this can be an excellent and easy way for any website owner to earn more external links for their website. Also, this could get you some publicity as a photography business owner and make you look authentic and trustworthy in the eyes of your target audience. In a similar fashion, you can contact local publications that own websites and are always looking for some fresh and unique content to upload. You could politely ask them to interview you and link back to your website in their post.

6. Keep An Eye On Brand Mentions

Monitoring the brand mentions could work in several ways for any business website. If you find your brand being mentioned somewhere, we suggest you approach the people making those mentions (positive ones, of course!) to link back to your website. While this is one way of getting more high-quality external links, the other thing you can do is to monitor any mentions of your competitor’s website. In case your competitor’s client needs something or has an issue and mentions your competitor online, you can win the game by coming up with a prompt response and resolving the problem. This could increase your chances of winning the trust of that particular client as well as others following the conversation thread. If the said client has a website, you might as well ask them for a link back to yours as a favor for resolving their issue. And if you are wondering how to track all the mentions in the digital world, there are many tools available online for you to monitor mentions.

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Earning more backlinks doesn’t always have to be about spending money on marketing. A handful of well-thought-out and well-planned strategies can help you get linkbacks from your target websites. So, begin with creating great content that people would want to refer to and implement the ways best-suited for your website to get those shout-outs online. The process might take some time, but once you get the ball rolling, with continuous efforts and thorough planning, you would eventually see the results in the form of your website’s SEO ranking soaring through the roof and the domain authority rising steadily! And if you have any tips to share on how to get more of those inbound links, we’d like to hear about them in the comments section below.

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