Content Writing Tips For Your Photography Website

June 16, 2021
Content Writing Tips For Your Photography Website

Content is one of the key components of digital marketing, and content writing is the process of writing relevant web content for a specific target audience. Even though it is still bound by the elements of creative writing, it is a means of, primarily, information dissemination and boosting engagement. Content writing includes research, search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, subject matter expertise and is not solely a means for creative expression. Quality content doesn’t just complement the visuals on your website; it also has the power to make it more engaging. This blog will take you through 5 content writing tips that could help you create content that speaks to your audience.

5 Basic Content Writing Tips

1. Keyword & Content Research

Infographic stating well-researched content tends to stand out naturally.

There’s A LOT of content on the internet. So, when you are writing a blog, you can aim for it to be resourceful and easily found. You are writing it to build your online brand presence, increase your organic traffic, provide relevant information to your target audience, and get warm leads for your business, none of which can happen if you are just writing a chunk of content without keyword research. Therefore, deciding on a focus keyword for your blog is crucial. You could use platforms such as SEM Rush, Moz, or Ubersuggest to check the monthly keyword volume and its ranking difficulty.

Once you have a keyword, start with the research about the topic. Go through your competitor’s points on the same topic and see if you can add something better to that. Scan through top-ranking blogs, and go beyond the first-page Google search results. If there are some questions that people have asked about your topic, see if you can provide answers. Take your time to research because well-researched content stands out naturally. Moreover, in the process of choosing content ideas, for the most part, select the ones that are trending (for a better traffic-generating opportunity) and ones that are a rare find and might help you rank easily.

2. Create an Outline

Infographic stating a well-defined structure could help streamline the writing process.

Before you begin to write, structure your blog and create an outline of subheads that you will include. It is one of the most important content writing tips for a more streamlined writing process. The more well-defined the structure, the more readable it appears. Moreover, once you already have the structure for the article, all that’s left to do is fill the gaps with relevant information. Remember to build your content around the focus keyword.

3. Write a Compelling Headline & Introduction

Infographic stating the first few lines of your blog can either tempt the reader to keep reading or leave.

It’s no secret that people barely have the time to go through each piece of writing they come across. So even if you managed to make your content rank for a particular keyword on the first page of the search engine result page, if the title doesn’t entice the user, they might just ignore it. The same stands true for the introduction. The first few lines of your article can either tempt the reader to keep reading or leave the page, making writing an enticing title and introduction another essential tip for effective content writing.

4. Keep it Easy to Read

Infographic stating blogs are meant to be engaging. Keep it simple and easy.

Blogs are not research papers. They exist to provide information in a short and easily understandable way. So write your content accordingly. If there is a way you can simplify your structure, do it. If there is an easier way to say something, simplify it. Also, you could directly talk to the readers/your target audience as you would to a friend, i.e., by using words such as you, I, we. It’s not so easy to keep today’s web users engaged, so try to keep it simple.

5. Use Grammar Check Tools

Infographic stating steer clear of grammatical errors using grammar check tools.

Steer clear of grammatical errors – it’s a content writing tip that never goes old. Not only does it help you establish yourself as a professional, but it also enhances readability and user experience. Sometimes in the flow of writing, it is easy to skip through a grammatical error. Therefore, it is important to take out time to edit. To minimize grammatical errors, you could also consider using digital writing assistance tools such as Hemingway Editor or Grammarly.

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Make Writing Easy With Fotoskribe

Infographic stating Fotoskribe provides consistent, high-quality blogs that are SEO optimized.

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