When is the best time to blog a wedding? An infographic

September 10, 2014
Rachel Avery Conley

We recommend blogging at least once per week to get the most SEO out of each post. But how long after a couple’s wedding day should you schedule or plan for the blog to go live? We created an infographic to help list some pros and cons of how long after the wedding day is the best time to blog a wedding.


1 day after the Wedding

As a photographer, the day after the wedding is usually spent culling and enjoying reliving your favorite moments (if not out shooting another wedding!) From a client perspective, it’s a great time to share a few images on Social Media. A few sneak peeks on Facebook can help to satisfy the need to share, but it may not be a good time to add anything to your blog yet.

2 Days to 2 Weeks

The time immediately following a wedding may be the best time to capture the enthusiasm and momentum of a wedding with a wedding blog. However, it is best to blog only after the couple has received their full catalog of images to view privately. It’s best to hold off on blogging until you have color corrected, edited and delivered the images to your client, but if you have done this before 2 weeks are up – blog away!

2 Weeks to 3 Months

Blogging in this time period still allows you time to edit at your own pace without losing out on the momentum of the excitement of the wedding. Make sure to wait until you have reviewed and touched all the images before sharing them on your blog. This may be the optimum time period after a wedding to blog.

3-6 Months

If you wait beyond 3 months to blog, you risk losing the momentum of the special day. But if you blog regularly and this is the time period that the wedding falls into on your blogging schedule, it is still relevant and your images will still serve as excellent marketing material for new clients. It will still serve as a wonderful memento for the couple and can renew those happy memories.

6 Months – 1 Year

Blogging a wedding 6 months beyond the wedding day can still be beneficial as a marketing tool. Before you create the post, take another look at the images from the day and make sure they still represent your brand and your portfolio. If they do not accurately represent your talent, you may not want to blog it at this point.

1 Year +

A year or beyond the wedding day brings up issues of relevancy for your blog. A few questions to ask yourself at this point would be 1. Are these some of the best images you have ever taken? Would your portfolio suffer by not having these images shared? 2. Did you contractually promise the client that you would blog their images? If either of those answers are yes, then you should blog as soon as you can. If not, it may not serve you to blog this late after the wedding day.

These are suggestions and arguments for and against blogging at a certain time beyond the wedding you photographed. It is up to you, as a photographer and a businessperson, to make the best decisions for your clients and your brand. Blogging regularly and consistently is a powerful tool to showcase your images and take your business to the next level. And if you want to outsource your blogging, please contact us to learn more.