Blog Topics for Photographers: 5 Ideas to Engage your Audience

November 9, 2017

Blog Topics for Photographers: 5 Ideas to Engage your Audience

Blogging can sometimes feel like a vicious cycle. You go out and capture amazing images for your customers. The sessions are wonderful, the people are unique, and the work is exhilarating. But then you come back to your studio and are faced with writing a blog post.  A blog post that is different than the last one.  It’s hard! Especially since the most popular wedding venues in your area are places you probably see more than once a month.  And sometimes—more than once a week! How do you keep your blog fresh?  We came up with some ideas for your photography blog to help you engage your audience and to keep you inspired.  Here are the 5 blog topics for photographers you can use to break up the monotony of session after session.

Blog Topics for Photographers: Tell your Story

One way to engage readers on your photography blog is to share your own photography stories. Your blog can act as a tool to help your professional customers get to know you.  This easy way to combat writers’ block can also provide insight on who you are as a person and as an artist. Consider writing a post on the following topics:

    • Why you became a photographer
    • What inspires you
    • How you first got started
  • Struggles you’ve overcome in your business

Not only will these give you an easy topic to write about, but it will help your customers feel closer to you. Any opportunity to build trust and engage with your customers and potential customers is a win. And, really, you already know this story! It’s an easy thing to write and share.

Blog Topics for Photographers: Showcase Local Vendors

Another post that can help you to engage your customers is to create a list of local vendors or venues. Writing a “Top Five” or a “Top Ten” list of local florists, local DJs, local wedding planners, or local venues is a wonderful way to leverage your beautiful images and link back to people around the area.

Build your Internal Link Library

You can also create a post devoted to a specific venue with an internal informational post. This makes internal links a breeze going forward because you can always link back to YOUR post about the local venue. Load it up with pictures of your beautiful couples or families. It becomes a resource you can use and use again. This also is a great way to get your posts shared and showcased by other vendors.  How awesome would it be to have a link to your blog prominently featured on a local venue’s website?  Try it out!

Blog Topics for Photographers: Solve a Problem

Your customers look to you as the expert. Help build your expertise by solving their problems and being a resource. Think about your most frequently asked questions. Then, write a blog post answering them! Here are some ideas:

    • Wedding Timeline Tips
    • To First Look or Not to First Look
    • Where to have your Family Session
    • How to prepare for a Newborn Session
    • What to wear to an Engagement Session
  • How to figure out the right size print for your room

Remember—you do this all the time. Your customers will appreciate having these answers and resources available. Plus, it continues to help build trust and establish you as the expert, both good steps towards booking more sessions!

Blog Topics for Photographers: Interview Past Clients

Here’s a fun idea that can help you engage with your customers—do an interview. Rather than telling the story of their images, invite your clients to share the story of their wedding, their images, and their experience. This can work double duty for you, having the post act as both a way to tell their story as well as a testimonial of what it’s like to work with you.  Bonus: you don’t have to write much! Plus, there are some great programs to help you to build and utilize client surveys available. This is an easy way to engage with your customers and to provide a fresh voice on your blog. Moreover, customers are even more invested in sharing the posts when they have a hand in creating them!

Blog Topics for Photographers: Quotes, Songs, Psalms, Poems

If you’re totally at a loss for how to personalize your images, a sweet way to avoid the writing process altogether is to use a quote. This is a sometimes sweet and sentimental way to up the word count in your post. Maybe you use the refrain from your couple’s first dance as husband and wife. Or, find a beautiful sonnet or love poem that sums up the feelings of the day. Was there a reading in the ceremony that struck you as special? Is there a psalm or blessing you want to share? These are beautiful words to accompany your pictures. Of course, if you’re going to use a quote, make sure to give credit to the artist or author.

Start your post off with a sentence about who the customer is and where the session took place. Then, end it with a thank you.  Boom. 300 words. Done. Move on to the next thing! It’s an easy way to get a post done if you’re struggling with finding the right words.


We’re here to help if you need it! Whether you’re looking for a little help or a lot, the Fotoskribe team is invested in your blogging success. Please let us know how we can help!