Blogging as a photographer: How many ways can you say beautiful?

April 1, 2014
Rachel Avery Conley


Whether you are a wedding, family, newborn, boudoir, or some-combination-of-many photographer, inevitably you get to a point in your blogging where you are sick of the word beautiful!

“How do I make my blogs look and feel different, both from each other and from other people?”

There are many factors that differ from one shoot to the next, but the main things that differentiate one from the other are your clients and your process during that particular shoot.

Your Client

Everyone has a story, and you were hired to tell a portion of that story at that moment in time. That moment that will never happen again.

Asking questions of the clients helps to tell that story. For a wedding, how did they meet? What special elements went into planning this moment? For a family, how have they changed? Maternity and newborns are a huge time of change. But what about the yearly holiday card photo? Did they lose teeth or gain a pet?

With the client’s permission, these little nuggets of their story, combined with your images, create a special keepsake. By putting it on your blog, it gives the client a place to reference and return when they want to remember. It also gives them a place to send their friends.


You, as a photographer, are also telling your story at that moment. Your blog is a great way to express those thoughts and feelings.

Clients are not mind-readers (thank goodness!) and will appreciate knowing your positive thoughts during their event or session. (So cute … looks just like … reminds me of … I love …)

I know, unfortunately, we all have moments that we would never like to think about again, but I caution against using a blog (or any kind of social media) as the platform to share negative thoughts. It can, however, be a great place to share your process. What new technical skill did you use? What light did you capture? What lens did you use? Capturing this information provides a great point of reference for you to go back as you grow as a photographer and can appeal to other people interested in photography.

It can be overwhelming to add words alongside your beautiful, appealing, charming, elegant, gorgeous, magnificent, dazzling images, but I promise the story is there, and it will only add to the story you are trying to tell.

And of course, if you need help blogging as a photographer, feel free to reach out and contact us and see if we can help.