Blogging as a Time Management Tool

August 13, 2013
Rachel Avery Conley


timemanagement_smBesides all of the “obvious” benefits of using your blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes and client marketing (I use obvious very tongue-in-cheek, because there is nothing obvious about SEO or marketing), did you know that blogging on a regular basis is a great way to build time management into your  business?

  • Pick a day to blog each week and stick to it!

    • Mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) are the best days for audience engagement.
  • Pick a day each month to plan the blogs for the week.

    • Just an outline, or a list of suggested topics. It will help you to blog every week and not feel overwhelmed.
  • Try to plan out special topics every 3-6 months, or if you are really organized, try to plan for 12 months out.

    • You don’t have to write about each topic each month, but it will help you when you need a little extra inspiration.
  • Now plan the rest of your routine tasks around your blog day.

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