Blogging Niche: How to Pick a Niche For Your Blog

September 22, 2021
Blogging Niche: How to Pick a Niche For Your Blog

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to blog about. It’s your underlying passion, a niche you always wanted to explore, or a topic you happen to know a lot about. But not always. At times, you might find yourself in a new territory you know nothing about or find it tough to zero in on a subject that’s compelling enough for your audience. You’re not alone. That’s a phase many new bloggers go through. If you are stuck or find it difficult to come up with something for your target audience, this blog can help you get on the journey of getting to your blogging niche.

Understanding What Niche Means in Blogging

Infographic stating in blogging, a niche is a specific category or topic that you want to write on

In blogging, a niche is a specific category or topic that you want to write on. It is something that your blogs constantly draw focus to and talk about. The process also includes conducting an in-depth analysis, breaking down information, and segmenting them into other subcategories. Some niches work better and are more profitable than others; some have the potential to always stay relevant for a long time, while others are relatively limited in terms of possibilities that you could explore. 

The Importance of Deciding on a Blogging Niche

When you are in it for the long term and looking to generate income from blogging, shifting to a new topic every other quarter usually doesn’t pay off. Especially if you are thinking of starting blogging for your business, it works if the topics you decide to focus on represent the interest of your brand. Moreover, they need to be thoughtfully curated to discuss content that speaks to your target audience and sheds light on your target market. However, if you are blogging just to journal personal accounts and all you are looking forward to is maintaining a personal diary, then, of course, you can sail multiple ships at once. On the contrary, if you plan to have something more structured, having a niche area would help you create a loyal audience that can also turn into potential customers.

Brainstorming & Deciding on a Niche

1. Make a List of Ideas

Infographic stating before deciding on your niche, jot down a list of ideas to explore from

Before you make a move towards analyzing and exploring the market of a particular niche or topic, it is important to have options to choose from. Keep the overthinking part for later, and start by making a list of ideas that you look forward to exploring. At this point, you are not investing in anything or creating a future strategy, so simply be honest and jot down whatever comes to your mind.

Be it something that you came across in a television show, something trending on the news, a thing you often experience, or a burning issue that makes you think, just pour your heart out. At this point, don’t be critical of how well your topics would fare. The topics you choose could be very generic and popular or extremely specific and personal to you – anything that sparks your interest and makes you want to express yourself. Once you are done with this step, give the ideas some time to settle in before you get to shortlist them.

35 Interesting Blogging Ideas

Need help getting started? Follow through this list of 35 broad blogging ideas that might just pique your interest or get you thinking in the right direction:

  1. Gardening
  2. Photography
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Travel & Tourism
  5. Sustainable Travel
  6. Digital Nomads
  7. Personal Finance
  8. Parenting
  9. Personal Development & Mental Health
  10. Music
  11. Movies & Shows
  12. Books & Magazines
  13. Working From Home in a Pandemic
  14. Adventure Sports
  15. Fashion & Lifestyle
  16. Healthy Diet
  17. Wedding Planning
  18. Gaming
  19. Minimalism & Minimalistic Living 
  20. Design and Development
  21. Social Media Marketing
  22. Food & Recipes
  23. Cryptocurrency
  24. Entrepreneurship
  25. Freelancing
  26. Outsourcing
  27. Search Engine Optimization
  28. Sales Management
  29. Artificial Intelligence
  30. Pop culture
  31. Politics
  32. Art and Culture
  33. Pet wellness
  34. DIY
  35. Writing

2. Set Streamlining Criteria

Infographic stating assess your knowledge on the chosen blogging niche

Once you have drawn a list, it is time to wear your critical-thinking hat and start analyzing. And to do it seamlessly, ask yourself some questions to set streamlining criteria. It will help you better establish why some topics would be more beneficial than others when you make a choice. Given below are a list of questions that you can start with:

  1. Do you find this topic interesting enough?
  2. How much do you know about this blogging niche?
  3. Can you write about this topic in the long run?
  4. Does this topic have an already well-established audience?
  5. If not, are there people that you think would be interested in reading about it or would search for it on the web? Or simply, what is the search volume of this topic?
  6. Is this evergreen content or something that could get dated quickly?
  7. Is the competition high or low?
  8. Is this what your brand or business associates with? Or do you think you can, as a personal brand, resonate with this idea?
  9. Can this topic generate income? 

3. Analyze

Okay, so you have not finalized anything yet, but there is a topic that seems compelling and you want to learn more about it. Dig deeper, research, and analyze your findings. Start by choosing the topic and jotting down another set of sub-topics, content ideas, or keywords that you can cover within this niche. Check out other blogs on those topics and analyze the traction they are receiving. See if you want that and more. Follow these topics on social media, learn more about the audience, the market, and the current trends. While these steps could be time-consuming, they would help you build a stronger foundation.

4. Start Writing Sample Blogs

Infographic stating before you go full force, test the waters by guest blogging

In the final lap of your process, start writing, but just before you go full force, test the waters by guest blogging or writing a few sample blogs to study the response. Choose some of your top sub-topics and write. Decide on a tone you want to set for your blogs and follow through. Guest blogging also works well for this process. To learn more about guest blogging, read this blog.

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