Wedding Photography Topics to Write About

July 7, 2021
Wedding Photography Topics to Write About

Photography is a form of art that documents fleeting moments for them to last a lifetime. Wedding photography does the same for couples tying the knot. It captures the love, the celebration, the emotions, and the couple’s special day in its entirety. And while people enjoy looking at wedding photos, they like reading about the art behind them too. If you are planning to blog about the same but can’t think past some initial ideas, this blog on ‘photography topics to write about’ could help inspire you or give you your next blog topic!

Weddings Photography Topics to Write About

Listed below are some topics for wedding photography blogs, but before you begin, it’s important to keep in mind that these are ideas that could help you get started and not keywords. While these could help you write entertaining and educational wedding blogs, we suggest that you do substantial keyword research for each topic before you start writing.

All About Weddings

1. Wedding Venues

Infographic stating wedding venue keywords often have a high search volume

Many couples, aka your potential clients, might use the internet to do their research about wedding venues, making it a relevant topic to blog about. They are also a topic that is most actively searched on search engines per month. For a better understanding, here is an example. As per Ubersuggest (an SEO analysis tool), “San Diego wedding venues” has a monthly search volume of 5400 searches, as compared to “San Diego wedding photographers,” which only has a monthly search volume of 1000 searches. Now, THAT is a substantial difference. And by blogging about venues where you have covered weddings and have stunning photos, you can reap the benefit of that traffic as well.

To get your blogs to rank better (or seek Google’s attention), try to keep these things in mind:

  • Try blogging about “5 or 10 (any number) wedding venues in this (a specific) area”.
  • Try writing venue spotlight posts, where you give a full-depth analysis about a specific venue every once in a while.
  • Include real photos that you have taken of that venue.
  • Don’t forget to mention any unique selling propositions about the venue. Add photos if you can.
  • Add links to other wedding posts for a similar venue in the nearby area.
  • End with a call to action about your services.

2. The Wedding – Your Couple’s Story

There is something magical about reading (and writing) happily ever after stories. And when you add some romantic portraits to that, it adds a visual element that enhances the story. So writing a story that starts with how your couple met and describing the kind of wedding they planned could turn out to be a content-rich piece. You could write about their first date, if anyone set them up, any quirks about their relationship, and your experience with the couple. 

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3. Details Photos – Dress, Decor, & Ambiance

Infographic stating from the bride’s dress to floral arrangements, detail photos could provide many blogging ideas

A lot of people love dreaming about how they want their wedding to look like, so give them something to dream about through gorgeous detail photos. Detail photos could provide you with plenty of things to blog about – from the bridal dress and ring shots to the floral and dinner table arrangements – there’s a lot to cover. However, the easiest way to go about it is to group your detail photos based on a specific topic and write about that. Then, you can cover a yearly angle to them as well, for instance – “25 Top Ring Shots of 2021”. 

You could also tag vendors (the florist, the caterer, the DJ, the cake baker, the wedding dress designer or brand, the venue, the makeup artist, etc.) in these photos, which might help you in link-building as well.

Here are some of the blog topics for the topic mentioned above:

  • Getting ready photos – bride getting ready photos, groom getting ready photos
  • Experimenting with the veil
  • Wedding decor ideas
  • Simple decor ideas for the reception
  • Wedding decor ideas on a budget
  • White wedding decorations
  • Wedding cake ideas
  • Wedding cake toppers
  • Wedding ring photo ideas or wedding ring photography ideas
  • Everything about wedding ring photography
  • Unique wedding rings
  • Wedding dress photography or wedding dress ideas

4. The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception often brings forth the opportunity to take many fun photographs – the dance floor action, the toasts, the cake cutting. These few hours have a lot unfolding, and so there’s a lot to blog about it as well – making it one of the best photography topics to write about.

Here are some of the blog ideas to cover for wedding receptions:

  • Wedding reception timeline
  • Wedding reception entrance and exit
  • Wedding reception planning checklist
  • Filming the action at the dance floor
  • How to photograph the cake cutting
  • Toasts and how to go about them
  • Sparkler exits or how to photograph a sparkler exit

5. Elopements

Infographic stating elopements are often fun, dreamy, and engaging to write about

While elopements have always been around, after the COVID outbreak and the consequent limitations on guest lists, they have become more common. They are far from the grandeur and luxe of a big wedding celebration and often bound by the connection and celebration at heart. Moreover, since people have started getting more curious about them, they also double up as one of the most interesting photography topics to write about. However, if your brand doesn’t include elopement photography as a service, you can skip this point. But given how weddings have changed as per the new normal, it could be an option worth considering.

Here are some of the elopement-based blog ideas to cover:

  • Elopement packages or best elopement packages
  • Elopement checklist or how to plan an elopement
  • Elopement vs. wedding
  • Elopement photography or elopement photography packages
  • Adventure elopement photography
  • Elopement destinations
  • Small wedding photography packages

All About Engagement & Boudoir Photography & Portrait Sessions

Apart from weddings, many wedding photographers also offer other services such as engagement photography, boudoir photography, and couples sessions. If you are one of those photographers, it makes sense to add a blog section for these services as well.

Here are some of the engagement, portrait, and boudoir centric blog ideas to cover:

Engagement Photography:

  • About engagement photography, engagement photography basics, or proposal photography
  • Engagement photo shoot or creative engagement photo ideas
  • Fall/Spring/Winter engagement photo ideas
  • Outdoor/indoor engagement photo ideas
  • Unique engagement photos
  • What to wear for engagement photos
  • Best proposal ideas
  • Engagement photo props

Portrait Sessions:

  • About portrait sessions or family portrait sessions
  • Creative couple photography ideas
  • Senior portraits
  • Portrait photography packages
  • Family pictures outfits

Boudoir Photography:

  • Boudoir photography introduction or what is boudoir photography
  • Boudoir photography ideas
  • Boudoir photography poses
  • Plus size boudoir photography
  • Boudoir session client questionnaire

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All About Photography

1. Your Brand Story

Infographic stating your brand story can also make for an interesting topic to write about

Among everything else, your brand story can also make for an interesting topic to write about. It’s a great way to tell your story, what inspired you to become a wedding photographer, how you started, the idea behind the brand, etc. It can help your audience connect with you and understand your struggles, your strengths, your aspirations.

2. Guides & How-To Blogs

If, as a photographer, you also look forward to contributing to the photography community by sharing your experience and what you have learned over the years, guides and how-to blogs could be your calling. In addition to that, they could also help drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your blog.

Here are some blog ideas to cover for the topic mentioned above:

Wedding Photography:

  • Wedding photography tips or wedding photography tips for beginners
  • Wedding photography styles or wedding photography ideas
  • Wedding photography checklist
  • All about a wedding photography contract 
  • Wedding photography packages or wedding photography pricing
  • Wedding photography poses
  • How to take wedding photos or how to photograph a wedding
  • Must-take wedding photos
  • Growing your wedding photography business
  • How to take unique wedding photos
  • Storytelling in wedding photography
  • First look vs. traditional
  • Wedding first look ideas

Wedding Shooting:

  • How to photograph a wedding ceremony or wedding ceremony photography
  • Wedding ceremony photography checklist
  • Wedding photographer’s etiquette
  • Wedding photography poses checklist
  • First look timeline
  • Bridal portraits or bridal picture ideas
  • Indoor wedding photography tips or indoor wedding photography ideas
  • Outdoor wedding photos or outdoor wedding photos ideas
  • Destination wedding photography
  • Church photography tips
  • How to create a moody wedding photo
  • Photographing a wedding when it rains

Wedding Lighting:

  • Wedding photography lighting or wedding photography lighting techniques
  • Indoor wedding photography without flash or indoor wedding photography settings
  • Natural light wedding photography
  • Shooting in small and dark wedding venues
  • Wedding photographers’ ways to hide flash stands

The New Normal

Infographic stating the COVID pandemic has created a need to talk about life in the new normal

After the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, many couples are thinking about how to go about their wedding plans, and many photographers are learning to grow with the new normal. Therefore, creating a need to talk about it and what better way to do that than blogging. 

Here are some blog ideas to cover for the topic mentioned above:

  • Shooting weddings during a pandemic
  • Safety measures for wedding photographers
  • Small and intimate weddings or COVID wedding ideas

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