Creating an Effective Blog | Writing as a Photographer

July 29, 2015
Jen Liebman
A post from our newest Content Creator, Jen Liebman

I’m probably the last person on earth you’d describe as the cheerleader type, but I’m all can-do spirit when it comes to blogging. To me, the perfect formula for an effective blog – the kind that snags readers – is equal parts story-telling and solving a problem. As a photographer, you can easily do both. Your job is in large part using images to tell a story, and you have the techie expertise that can be translated into a really great blog even if writing isn’t your thing.

Be Human

Sometimes when people want to telegraph their expertise they end up writing like a mash-up of Bill Lumbergh, the manager from Office Space, and a text book. Don’t use jargon, avoid stiff, formal prose, and most importantly, write like you’re talking to a friend. The best bloggers aren’t necessarily the best writers, but they do write with personality. Giving people a peek into who you are is how you build trust, and it’s key in helping a prospective client decide if you’re the right photographer to hire.

Hook ’em Early

The beginning of your post might just be the most important part. It’s where you grab readers and make them want to continue reading. Hook your audience with an anecdote that demonstrates the big idea or tell a story that many people can relate to. Raise their blood pressure by posing a probing question or by stating an opinion that sets you apart from the crowd. The rest of the post supports what you laid out in that hook.

No Theory of Everything

Think of each post as a snapshot –it’s one moment in time, one point of view. That’s exactly what each one of your posts should be. Focus, focus, focus. Anything more than one idea per post sends you off into insanely boring territory. Besides, if you go for too many things at once you’ll be left with little else to blog about.

Let Your Expert Flag Fly

Your expertise as a photographer is the point of having a blog; show it off. Explain something techie in layman’s terms. Tell readers about a successful client experience. Use an award-winning photo as a way to describe your process as a photographer. Whatever insight you provide, you’re doing it because you want clients to know that you can capture their most important moments with immense skill.


Reading off a screen is hard. It’s not easy on the eyes, and, online readers are already crazy distracted with all those other tabs open and their phones, and their tablets and… So, make it easy on them and keep it short. Aim for 300 words at a minimum, but don’t create a 1,000-word opus. Get to the point right away. Never, ever make readers meander through a lot of unnecessary stuff before they get the information they need.

You can show off who you are as a photographer and build a loyal community with your blog. Contact us to learn more about what it takes to create an effective blog.