Do Photography Clients want to read Technical Blog Posts?

August 15, 2016
Rachel Avery Conley



Photography clients do not care about the exposure settings of a beautiful image.

Wait, hear me out. I know, as photographers, we like to talk about our craft. And a lot goes into creating the perfect image. Hours of training and studying, and sometimes just blind luck. And we love to share the specifics of those magical moments with our colleagues. The exact aperture. The three before and after captures, seeming similar in everything but slight composition changes, but not perfect like the main one shown. (See, even I could go on & on…) These conversations can often feel like a perfect blog post for your business. But the only readers that care are other photographers.

Your clients, both old and new, want to be assured that you can tell the story of their event of session through your photography.

The blog is best used as marketing tool. A place to bring existing clients back and a place for potential clients to learn about you and see your images. And learn the story behind them. But not the technical story. Those potential clients are looking for the story of the people IN the images. They are also looking for your story as a photographer.

Not HOW you took the image – you are a professional, they trust you to know that without being told – but WHY you took it.

What about this couple or this family, in this moment, caught your eye? It could be as simple as the yellow flower in the foreground that reminded you of childhood summers, or knowing the subjects were engaged in a lighthouse, the very monument you captured in the background. [As a sidenote, this is where knowing parts of your clients stories before the shoot will lead to capturing moments you can talk about, and that will have meaning.]

Now, it is not always that easy. Sometimes you have a client that you don’t connect with, or a story that doesn’t relate to you, and that’s ok. If that image (or images) are portfolio-worthy, and you know they will have value in sharing, then THAT is the time to supplement with technical details.

“This lighting was perfect! As a photographer, I am always looking for times like this because …”

Blogging all of your sessions and events are a natural way to showcase your clients, combining your images and their story. By doing this, creating content that your clients will want to read, you will be building lasting marketing pieces for your photography business.

Not sure where to start? We can help; you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us at Fotoskribe to learn more.