Maximizing Growth: How To Drive Traffic From Your Old Content

July 6, 2023
infographic stating maximizing growth how to drive traffic from your old content

Do you spend countless hours trying to come up with new content to attract potential clients and grow your business? What if we said that you could drive traffic from your old content instead of constantly creating new material from scratch? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not! In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to leverage your existing content for maximum impact. So, buckle up and get ready for some game-changing tips and tricks that will help you drive traffic from your old content and keep your growth flowing like never before!

5 Ways To Drive Traffic From Your Old Content

1. Update Old Blog Posts

infographic stating update your old photography content regularly to stay relevant and engaging to your audience

Updating old blog posts is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. If you’re looking to drive traffic, this could be the holy grail of your website’s growth. By updating your old photography content, you can give it new life and attract a fresh audience to your site. Ideas for blogs may include a new take on an old topic or an updated post with new photos and photography insights with the latest techniques.

Updating content can help boost website traffic. Additionally, with outdated content removal, you remove any duplicate content that may be hurting your rankings on the search engine results page. To redirect outdated or obsolete pages to up-to-date, more relevant ones, use a 301 redirect. This shows search engines that your website is active and relevant, which can lead to increased visibility and traffic.

2. Repurposing Your Old Content

Repurposing content is an effective way to drive traffic from your old content. Not only is it a time saver, but it also allows you to breathe new life into previously published work. Utilizing Google Analytics, you can identify your most popular blog posts and repurpose them to fit different search intent.

One of the popular ways of content repurposing is to turn a popular blog post into an eye-catching social media graphic, a video, or a podcast episode. You could also create an infographic based on your past work or simply update an old blog post with fresh content. Alternatively, take the best parts of a piece and add more depth to it. For instance, you can create a series of Instagram Stories or Reels that highlight a photoshoot you did or repurpose a video about the process you went through to create a particular photograph or write a blog post.

The blog updated can be transformed into detailed sub-topic blogs or shareable content formats that are engaging and accessible to a wider audience. Repurposing quality content saves time and resources since you’re not starting from scratch. Additionally, repurposed content can help create more backlinks to your website, which in turn can increase your website’s visibility and search engine results ranking.

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3. Leverage SEO Tactics

infographic stating implement SEO tactics to attract your target audience and drive traffic to your content

Have you wondered how to improve the SEO to get more people to see your work? One way to achieve this is to drive traffic from your old content by utilizing SEO techniques that can help optimize your website and improve your Google rankings.

Start by taking a closer look at your site structure and conducting keyword research to identify your target keyword. Once you have that information, apply relevant keywords to your meta description and page titles and optimize your images. Don’t underestimate the power of simple changes like having a clear URL structure, which can help search engines crawl through pages quickly and find your content easily. By optimizing your old content and incorporating internal linking, you can improve your site’s domain authority and drive more targeted search traffic.

Additionally, using Google Search Console can help you track your progress and evaluate how to improve your SEO further. As you learn how to generate backlinks and other links for websites, use these to strengthen your online presence and boost your site’s success.

4. Develop An Email List

Emailing marketing is an incredibly effective way to nurture relationships with your customers and drive traffic from your old content. Use email marketing to reach out to potential and current clients with links to your website, blog posts, and even your social media pages. Simply sending weekly/monthly newsletters to your list with evergreen content can keep them interested and engaged and keep your brand on their mind. You can share those older posts with your email subscribers and incentivize them to share the content within their email networks to increase your website traffic.

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5. Increase Visibility Through Social Media

infographic stating promote existing content on various social media channels to maximize reach and increase web traffic

As a professional photographer, it can be challenging to increase blog traffic on your website. One strategy that can drastically improve your traffic potential is by increasing the visibility of old content through social media. 

Start by engaging visitors with great content using a blog series and encourage them to come back for more. Moreover, create a calendar outlining your content marketing plan with what topics you want to post about and when. Showcasing your past work on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms can help you attract new followers and potential clients who haven’t seen your earlier projects. 

Sharing old content in engaging formats can also greatly reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase the average number of page views per session. To make the most out of this strategy, you can repurpose old images with new captions or even create throwback highlights on your Instagram profile. By doing so, you’ll not only drive more traffic to your site but also establish yourself as a seasoned photographer with a wealth of creative ideas and a rich portfolio of work.

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Your photography website is an essential part of your business, and getting it to the point where it can drive traffic from your old content and generate leads takes effort. To start generating leads, take action on how to improve Google rankings and use Google Analytics metrics to measure performances. It’s also important to engage with your audience to create a dialogue around your content through comments or other interactive features, getting feedback on what kind of content they like. All your effort in updating or repurposing old content will provide value to your audience and can establish you as an authority in your field, leading to more business opportunities.

At Fotoskribe, we aim to help businesses like yours grow their online presence by delivering smart and meaningful content that engages your audience. And we do it in a way that gets Google’s attention. For more information on how we can help – check out our pricing plans.