What Is Evergreen Content, Anyway? | Blogging advice for Photographers


If I went to look at your blog right now, what would I find? Most photographers’ blogs are packed to the brim with photos, usually of specific client sessions or weddings.  Mixed in, you’ll sometimes find a few collections of detail shots, a promo or two for mini sessions or the local bridal fair. A seasonal announcement, maybe. From time to time, you can easily tell how busy (or not busy!) someone is based on the date of their latest post, especially for those  photographers who rely solely on client images for their blogging efforts.

An easy, high ROI way to create more rounded content, draw new traffic and fill in any holes in your content creation and publishing schedule is to write evergreen content.

Evergreen content is content which is timeless.

It can be read at any time of the year, even months or years down the road, and remains relevant and informational. The key to great evergreen content is that is not associated with any specific season or holidays, doesn’t include trends, numbers, or other information which will become outdated with time, and doesn’t reference current events. Information moves at breakneck speed these days, and becomes rapidly outdated. Evergreen content seeks to last forever.

When paired with strong SEO, evergreen content can be a great way to capture Google traffic, because it lets your ideal client find you in a more roundabout way. Instead of trying to claw your way to the top of the search results for “Your City Wedding Photographer”, you can create a platform on something relevant to people hiring photographers in your area that lets you sit at, or close to, number one.

If you shoot mountain weddings, creating evergreen content would involve writing articles about tips for keeping your guests comfortable at your outdoor ceremony, how to deal with unexpected weather, or a list of items to include in a welcome basket for out of town guests.

Similarly, if you’re a newborn photographer, tips and tricks for survival of the early parenting years, a list of gift ideas for new moms, or a tutorial on how to get the best at home candids of your baby will have excellent mileage on Google.

If you’re not sure what is relevant, or you worry that a certain idea has been done to death in your area, take a look at the results you get from keywords you would use to tag the post you’re creating, and see what kind and how much content already exists. If it’s a topic that’s been written on a lot, find a fresh perspective to approach it from, or adjust to something more specific to your ideal client.

Evergreen content speaks to the innate desire to be helpful that we all have. A well written, informative evergreen piece is easily shared, and can be used in cross-promotional marketing with vendors who have the same ideal client as you do. As an added bonus, evergreen content can help to position you as an expert, allowing you to explore other avenues for networking and engagement in your community.

What sort of evergreen content will you create this season? Need help deciding? Contact us, we’re always happy to help photographers blog. 

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