Featured Blog – Ali and Garrett Photography – YMCA of the Rockies Wedding

November 10, 2014
Rachel Avery Conley

The best part about blogging with photographers from all around the country is getting to live vicariously through their images. I’ve been so excited to be blogging with Ali and Garrett this busy season. They are Colorado wedding photographers catering to the adventurous and romantic couples.

I loved this blog we did for Julie & Tyler’s YMCA of the Rockies Wedding. The gorgeous camp-like atmosphere that retained the beautiful mountain chic that we don’t see out here on the east coast. And the Rockies as the backdrop! OMG beautiful. The best part for me, was that Ali & Garrett shoot in film as well as digital and included some of their favorite film shots in the blog post.

Mountains! Film! Even a few raindrops! Go check it out in its entirety, you will not be disappointed.

The Colorado mountains are now high on my bucket list of places to visit. Thank you Ali & Garrett for choosing us to blog with you.



Blog title:

Julie & Tyler are married! | Estes Park Wedding Photographer | YMCA of the Rockies Wedding

Date Blogged: October 29, 2014

Favorite Excerpt:

“We had so much fun and loved being outside with the Rocky Mountains as the perfect backdrop. We didn’t want the bride and groom to see each other during the portraits, so we had to think of creative ways to get everyone together. I love the image with the bridal party on 2 separate levels—it was a great way to get them all together without Julie and Tyler sneaking a peak.”

And check out this view! We don’t see things like that here in the Commonwealth…