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March 18, 2015
Rachel Avery Conley

We have been blogging with Vancouver wedding photographer Fran Chelico Photography for a few months now. Her images are always breathtaking and we particularly loved collaborating with her on a 3 blog Indian Wedding Celebration. It was scheduled to be the next “Featured Blog” on our site.

But then recently, she submitted the form and images for the creation of this blog, and it was the first time that we felt there were truly TOO many beautiful images to share in one place. This was one of Fran’s favorite weddings ever as a photographer, and she loved so many of these images, that she submitted way more than normal. Now we come across the problem of too many images often, and can help a photographer to cull down by offering an impartial set of eyes. But we LOVED all of these as well! Our whole team took a peek and we were able to narrow it down and tell the story from the images.

Then we had Fran come back in and make sure that the images that SHE loved the most were included. We really believe that a blog should reflect the artist’s unique point of view, and we strive to get a photographers MOST of the way there – providing structure and SEO framework, but ultimately that last pass should always be the photographer. We were so happy with the finished blog and the story that it told, and those amazing images. You really should click over & see it now!

Thank you Fran for trusting us to help you share your stories! We’ve loved every minute and can’t wait to see what you have next. : -)


Blog title:

Kris & Samantha | Harrison Hot Springs Wedding

Date Blogged: March 12, 2015

Favorite Excerpt:

“Kris and Samantha have a chemistry unlike anything I have ever seen. Just to see them looking at each other, you can tell they are a match made in heaven. Their first look was so cute and they couldn’t stop giggling and staring at each other. They were constantly making funny faces at each other.”