Featured Blog – Jessica Higgins Photography – Best Baby Products for Newborns

January 21, 2015
Rachel Avery Conley

I have been blogging with Jess of Jessica Higgins Photography for over a year now! In that time, she has shared hundreds of her beautiful newborns and babies with us to help create blogs for her. When it went to pick a favorite, I was STUCK! I loved that we have chronicled babies from newborn on. I thought about showcasing this little cutie Carter, who we blogged at his newborn session, 6 months, and just recently – one year.

But then I remembered this amazing post idea that Jessica thought of. She sees lots of infants every year, in addition to having had two of her own, so she is up on all the latest baby stuff. New moms are always asking her what her favorite products are, and so she wanted to make a list of things that she recommends to share on her blog. It also gave us a chance to showcase some of her favorite images from the past year. That’s a win-win in terms of a great lasting blog post for marketing and sharing.

Go visit this featured blog from Jessica Higgins Photography – 10 Best Baby Products for Moms with Newborns. Thank you Jess for choosing us to help you blog!



Blog title:

10 Best Baby Products for Moms with Newborns

Date Blogged: May 22, 2014

Favorite Excerpt:

“I’m in the midst of my busy spring & summer newborn season, so I wanted to take the time and introduce the items I always have on hand in the studio and the things I recommend to every new (and new-again) mom. If you ask 10 moms about their favorite baby products you will likely get 100 different items. So, take this list for what it is… the 10 best baby essentials!”