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August 12, 2015
Rachel Avery Conley


The biggest compliment we get at Fotoskribe is when we are told:

“You have become my personal trainer for blogging, you hold me accountable and take on the heavy lifting when I need it, while always pushing me to go further.”

Well, Nicki from Pardo Photo is an actual personal trainer, as well as a talented photographer and high school photography teacher. When she came to us asking for blogging help, we were honored! She knew that part of running a successful photography business is knowing where your pain points are, and that blogging regularly can be a great marketing tool. She also knew that she hated doing it.

We were blogging together about a year before a mutual photographer friend signed up for personal training classes with Nicki and dragged me along. I’m so glad that she did. It really helped put the idea of “pain points” in perspective for me. There was one day where Nicki cheerfully had us do 300 squats and 100 pushups, and while I was huffing to keep up, she looked over and told me that the feeling of dread that I was having, and the amount of work I was doing, that was how she felt when she had to blog. It floored me, how could someone like squats over blogging? I love blogging! And, at that moment, I understood even better the need for blogging help.

I chose Nicki’s post, Creating Silhouettes on your Wedding Day, as our featured blog, because I love how she describes how she looks for moments like these – silhouetted moments – in the weddings she shoots. I thought it was a perfect blog post showcasing images from different weddings and letting potential clients know some of her behind-the-scene thinking that happens when you hire her as your wedding photographer.

Thank you, Nicki, for choosing us to help you blog, and for kicking my butt all over the gym!


Blog title:

Creating Silhouettes on your Wedding Day

Date Blogged: April 1, 2015

Favorite Excerpt:

“I set the camera so that the colors in background are as vibrant as possible – especially ones outside against the sky. The thing I love most about this technique is that the images become icons for the couple – there is just enough information to know who is in the photo and the suggestion of a moment but then the rest is left up to your imagination.”