Featured Blog – Personal Post by Tricia McCormack Photography

September 23, 2014
Rachel Avery Conley

While this post was not very labor intensive, it was the emotional factor that really made it stick out for me. Tricia of Tricia McCormack Photography emailed me and said “I want to featured my grandparent’s wedding picture on the blog today, but I’m having trouble saying what I want to say.” I replied by telling her – “Write what is in your heart and don’t worry about grammar or spelling, I’ll take care of the rest.” What she wrote was perfect, and I copied it almost verbatim (read it in it’s entirety).

I think this is the perfect example of a personal post on a business blog. It is a great marketing blog piece telling her clients 1. who she is as a person, 2. what values she holds important to her, and 3. why she is a photographer. I had tears in my eyes as I put it all together, as it made me think of my own grandparents and resonated within me. I still think of it as one of my favorite blogs today.

Thank you Tricia for sharing this special moment from your life and helping us to understand why you are such a wonderful wedding photographer!



Blog title:

A Seventy Year Legacy

Date Blogged: February 27, 2014

Favorite Excerpt:

“Have you ever stared at a photograph so long you have memorized its every detail? I have. This is the photograph. … Now as a wedding photographer, I think about the person who took this picture. Did that person have any idea they were capturing a legacy? Could he or she have grasped that they were creating an image that would be so cherished 70 years later by their granddaughter?”