Featured Blog – Servidone Studios – Liberty Hotel Wedding

October 24, 2014
Rachel Avery Conley

The best part about blogging with so many talented photographers is that they each have their own unique style of photography. This blog from Servidone Studios was the first one that made me wish for a re-do on my own wedding. I love how Andrea, the photographer behind Servidone Studios, captured every detail from this Art Deco inspired wedding – a gemstone bouquet, to 20’s style fans as props, and so many others. Andrea also really utilized the backdrop of the Liberty Hotel to it’s full advantage. The hotel was once a Boston jail, and my favorite moment is when she posed the bridal party in mugshot style outside against the brick wall. But the best part of how Andrea chronicled this wedding was the absolute happiness from the Bride and the Groom in every image, infused with the style that is exclusive to only Servidone Studios. Click over to see this wedding in it’s entirety, I promise it’s worth the look!

Andrea is a great photographer to blog with because she knows exactly how she wants her images and branding to look like, and that carries through in all the blogs we do together. Here at Fotoskribe, we feel that the more specific you are with the partners you choose to work with for your business, especially for your blog, the happier you will be with the outcome.  Thank you Andrea for choosing us to help blog with you!


Blog title:

Annmarie + Geoff | Liberty Hotel Wedding

Date Blogged: July 31, 2014

Favorite Excerpt:

Every wedding is personalized, but Annmarie and Geoff really made their wedding their own. Every detail, from the brooch bouquet, to the hats they were wearing, just EXUDED Annmarie and Geoff. It really makes things special when a couple takes the time to personalize everything, as they did.