Attractive Lead Magnet Ideas To Drive High Conversions

October 6, 2021
Attractive Lead Magnet Ideas To Drive High Conversions

Most of us have come across pop-up forms that ask for our name, email address, or other contact information when we visit a website. These query forms are devised to gather user information for businesses to increase their customer base. But how many of us do really fill up these contact forms – unless we see them benefiting us in some way or the other? For example, an offer, a newsletter, a discount, or a free trial. Simply put, a lead magnet is a marketing bait to attract website visitors to provide their personal data in exchange for some benefits. Wondering how would this marketing tool help you boost your photography business? To begin with, lead magnets could help you understand user behavior and gauge their interest in your brand and product. But more importantly, once the visitor’s details are added to your database, you could use the information to reach out to them to promote your brand further or subtly nudge them to use any paid services or book you for a photography assignment. Today’s blog offers you a few tips that could help you create lead magnets that generate your brand awareness among the target audience and make the promised benefits attractive enough for them to engage with your business.

Top 6 Lead Magnet Ideas To Add Potential Clients To Your Database

1. Video Tutorials Or Webinars

Infographic stating offering informative video tutorials could prompt your website users to engage with your brand

Video tutorials could work as perfect lead magnets for your wedding photography services. You could consider creating videos on posing techniques, wedding photography styles, or else anything related to photography. The audio-visual medium is known to draw people’s attention, and if it promises some value addition, the chances are that your target audience might consider filling up the contact details form more readily. Similarly, you could even conduct webinars related to topics from your industry and allow the first few early-bird users that fill the form free entry to the event. This could help you to not only pitch your webinar as an exclusive event but also interact with your audience directly. Organizing such webinars could even help you create a buzz around any future events that you might conduct and add more leads to your database.

2. Newsletters

Infographic stating sending out newsletters to your target audience could work as an attractive lead magnet strategy and keep them hooked to your brand

Newsletters are one of the most common forms of lead magnets. You could promise weekly or monthly free newsletters on topics related to your industry to your target audience, depending on your convenience. Maybe, you could communicate to your audience that if they avail the free subscription of your newsletter, they would receive informative articles on a range of topics in their mailbox – which could perhaps cover everything from tips on planning a wedding, a list of vendor details, and a guide on destination wedding or honeymoon locations down to wedding trend reports and much more. And these are information that most newly engaged or to-be-married couples could be looking for, and engaging with them could eventually help you draw them to your wedding photography services. Because, as we all know, no wedding is complete without stunning images.

3. Cheat Sheets Or Quick Checklists

Another way to add potential clients to your database is by offering them some short and simple how-to-do cheat sheets as lead magnets. And we suggest you keep the content easy to download and understand for your audience. The topics could include preparing a wedding photography timeline or creative prop ideas for couples. You could even offer checklists for wedding-related social media posts or choosing favors for guests. These could act as quick tips, and people who do not enjoy scrolling through longer pieces that a newsletter would usually cover might still go ahead and fill that contact form to receive these information capsules.

4. Guides Or E-Books

Infographic stating wedding guides could be an ideal lead magnet tool to draw clients interested in every little detail that goes into a wedding

Topics dealing with wedding budgeting or wedding photography contracts might need you to dive deeper to get to their bottom, and a newsletter, cheat sheet, or checklist might not be able to do full justice to them. If you want to share your industry knowledge with your audience on such subjects in detail, you could even consider giving them access to guides and e-books. And who knows, your command over these topics could even impress your potential clients and help them put their trust in you when they are looking for an expert photographer for any events in the future. This format of knowledge-sharing might especially work well with couples who love getting into every little detail and gather all the information that they could possibly assimilate while planning their wedding, and therefore might readily agree to share their contact details with you to stay updated on the current trends in the wedding industry.

5. Discounts Or Giveaways

Infographic stating offer discounts or organize giveaways to encourage your audience to share their contact details

Who doesn’t love discounts and gifts? Almost everyone does! Something that is a little more tangible than just tips and information or something that has some material benefits attached to it. And therefore, offering discounts or organizing giveaway contests could be one of the easiest ways to get the attention of your target audience and even get them to fill in their contact details in the lead magnet form. Thinking about what discount to offer? How about giving discounts on wedding photography package to the first 25 visitors who fill up the contact form or running a photo captioning contest? And you could consider giving away anything from a movie ticket to a photography gear to the winners, depending on your convenience. You could even collaborate with brands for the prizes you decide to dole out. For more giveaway ideas, you could give this a read.

6. Access To A Closed Group

We all know how social media helps us stay connected and share information on topics of our interest with like-minded people. To make the most of your digital reach, you could consider creating a Facebook group to exchange ideas and tips on anything related to photography. Now, as part of your lead magnet strategy, you could give your potential customers access to this group. This could help them connect with people looking for similar services and those with similar questions in mind. You could even publish guest posts from experts on this group or hold live chats with your potential clients on the platform. Offering such customized talk sessions and sharing posts from industry experts could help build your credibility as a brand and prompt your audience to go ahead and fill in the contact form and even help you convert your leads into future clients.

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Lead generation is a challenging task. But generating the right lead is extremely crucial to scale your photography business to hit those high conversion figures. Without proper leads, your marketing efforts could be futile and you might be struggling to convert your target audience into clients. But if used smartly, lead magnets could help you identify your potential clients and also aid you with the right information about them when you need to break the ice during your first interaction. Therefore, we suggest you make the process attractive for your website users so that even they see some value in associating with you. Honestly, why else would users part with their personal data for free? So strategize and ideate to create your own well-refined lead magnets and make an offer to your website visitors that they find absolutely hard to resist!

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