Links to Help you Stay Sane during the Busy Season

October 11, 2017

Busy Season

Links to Help you Stay Sane during the Busy Season

In every industry, there is a busy season. With the cooler weather returning to most of the country, the leaves starting to change, and the light taking on that golden glow… autumn is the peak season for photography. So many amazing weddings and family sessions are captured in the autumn! There are such stunning details in the season itself.

Busy Season is Here!

The Fotoskribe Customer Success team sees it all this time of year. All over the nation, photographers are overwhelmed during this busy season. This is the most exciting time of year, with sessions that you’ve waited for all year long. But it is the end of the year. And everyone is just starting to get a little bit tired.

The truth is, unless you are a wedding photographer, you don’t fully understand the feeling of having to be 100% on for a 12–14 hour day on your feet. Or running on nothing but caffeine, energy bars, and whatever they decided to pass off as a ‘vendor meal.’ But to those of us who have chosen this as our trade, our love, and our passion…

This is the best time of the year.

These are the days when the light is just right as it peeks through the tips of the golden birches in Aspen. The days when the mountains have snow-kissed caps, but the days are still warm. These days when magic hour weaves golden halos behind our couples as they embrace and the deep purple twilight stretches out her shadowy fingers to create richness in portraits.  It’s autumn.  And we love it.

But we also know how busy this season really can be, so we wanted to give you a single post for reference on how to handle the busy season.  Here are a collection of posts to help you stay inspired, stay organized and avoid burnout both from our site and from our friends at ShootDotEdit. We hope that your busy season both exciting and profitable.

Staying Inspired During the Busy Season:

How do you stay inspired when you’ve been to the same venue 11 times this year?  Here’s an article that lays out five tips to keep a creative spark during the busy season.

Top 5 Tips for Creativity Sparks for Wedding Photographer Busy Season

Blogging in the Busy Season:

Here at Fotoskribe, we know how hard it is to keep blogging when things get busy.  After all, your blog will never call and complain about how you didn’t post this week.  Here are a few posts on how to make sure that your blogging doesn’t slip in the busy season.

Four Tricks to Blogging through the Busy Season 

Time-Saving Tips for Blogging during the Busy Season

Systems and Strategies for Catching Up on Blogging during the Busy Season

Avoiding Burnout During the Busy Season

Working a 40 hour week in three days is no joke. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself and understanding the signs that you might be pushing too hard.  Here are two articles with more information.

Six Signs you are Headed Toward Busy Season Overload

Staying Inspired and Avoiding Burnout in the Busy Season

Staying Ahead in the Busy Season:

It’s important not to let your other business tasks fall to the side while you are out there capturing amazing images.  This post takes a look at how to make sure you stay ahead in the busy season.

Staying ahead during the Busy Season

From all of us in the Fotoskribe family, good luck and happy photographing.  We can’t wait to help you tell the stories of this busy season’s sessions.