Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for Blogging during the Busy Season

October 14, 2015
Jen Liebman


A successful blog is one that is consistently maintained so that audiences (and Google) can rely on new content and keep coming back for more. Of course, when you have time on your side, consistent blogging is simple. The problem comes when you’re busy, especially during the holiday portrait season.

We know how busy October and November are for photographers, but being busy is no excuse to abandon your blog. In fact, this is an important time of year to keep blogging, because your clients are especially engaged and searching for someone to take their family session during these crazy few months.

Telling you to keep blogging when you’re slammed with work might seem a bit unhelpful, so we put together a little list of our favorite tricks and tools that can keep you on track with your blog no matter what.

Blogging during the Busy Season

We love this graphic by Melissa & Beth Photography. It's so true!!

We love this graphic by Melissa & Beth Photography. It’s so true!!

Change the Way You Write

Sometimes, changing the way you work can help you focus. One way of doing that is blocking off a certain amount of time – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever – just to write. Pretend you’re taking a (non-stressful) test. Set a timer, and then get it out on the screen. Only having a certain amount of time to write can really focus you, and keep you from time wasters like social media. (Also, rewarding yourself with a small piece of chocolate or a walk after helps with motivation.) :-)


Don’t spend too much time agonizing over word choice. Keep Thesaurus.com open on your browser so you can quickly search for that better word.

Grammarly Plug-in for Chrome

Googling every nitty gritty punctuation rule is not going to save you time. A plug-in for your browser like Grammarly is like having your very own editor to do all the dirty work for you.

Use a Notetaking System

Keep all of your ideas in one place by using a program like Evernote. You can jot down ideas and create outlines ahead of time in Evernote so that when you’re ready to blog everything will be in one place ready for you to flesh out and complete.

Recycle Past Work

You don’t necessarily need to have a new thought for every post. It’s OK to revisit something from the past with a new spin or a little update. For example, you could repost a past wedding shoot to wish a couple a happy anniversary. 

Have Guest Posts or Interviews

Guest posts and interviews are excellent time savers, because they minimize the amount of writing you actually have to do. With a guest post, the most you’ll have to do is email that person for the invite, and make sure they get the post finished. With interviews, you’ll have to come up with good questions to email to people, but your interviewees create the posts with their responses.

Remember – you have the images, you just need the words! 

Of course, you may always contact Fotoskribe for help when you need tips and strategies for your blog! We are here and happy to help!