One month since WPPI – 3 action items to do post photography conference

April 8, 2015
Rachel Avery Conley


It has been one month since WPPI 2015 in Las Vegas. Can you believe it?

For us, it feels like it was yesterday. Hopefully you are still basking in the glow of intensity and enthusiasm, but we have to ask – How many of your post-conference to do list items have you accomplished?

Coming back from any photography conference is a lesson in letdown. It’s hard to go back to the normal day-to-day grind after an amazing – and maybe emotionally draining – time away. But it is so important to capture these feelings and implement them as improvements in your business.

To help you do this, we compiled 3 actions items that you can implement TODAY.

1. Reach Out

Remember all those people you met and business cards you exchanged? Pick 2 or 3 of these colleagues that you really enjoyed meeting and reach out! If they are local, ask them out for coffee. If they are further away, set up a Google hangout.

When you get together, ask them about themselves. Learn more about who they are as a person and an artist. Share ideas about running a business or just life in general. Even if you just chat that one time, it will be remembered and appreciated. You will have a friendly face at next year’s conference.

2. Update your Galleries

Think of it as spring cleaning for your business. You have gone and been inspired. Maybe you had a critique of your work, or you spent some time with new colleagues.

Either way, now is the time to look at what you are presenting to the world with fresh eyes. Make sure your galleries are showcasing what you want to shoot in 2015.

3. Get Blogging Regularly

A lot of focus was placed on the importance of blogging this year, and we at Fotoskribe believe in it 100%. You may have gathered some great ideas on personal posts you can create and we encourage you to do so! It is just as important, if not more, to blog regularly.

Pick one day of the week and make that your blog day. It’s been 1 month since WPPI and that could have been 4 blog posts if you were on a schedule. 4 weeks of building content by sharing your already created images. Take stock of what you have to share, and plan out your blogs now, before the busy wedding season hits.

If you need assistance staying on a blogging schedule, contact us. We are happy to help!

And we’ll see you next year in Vegas at WPPI 2016!