Finding The Right Social Media Tool For Your Business

March 3, 2022
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Using social media is one thing, and using it to boost your business and maximize your benefits is a different ball game altogether! From strategizing and creativity to engagement and timing, there is a multitude of things that come into play to make a piece of content that checks all the boxes of social media algorithms and gets good traction! And if you are someone who aims to use this powerful medium to aid your business, social media tools can help you pave the step toward just that! But how do you figure out which one’s going to be the best fit for you? Let’s dive in.

How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform

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Question yourself – what are you planning to achieve via social media platforms for your business? Is it the product reach, building brand awareness, generating leads, or all of the above? Having a clear intention of your purpose to use social media can help you make a better choice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use multiple platforms for the same purpose, but it’s better to learn more about which platform might work best for you!

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to choose the right social media platform for your business:

  • Define your purpose of using social media
  • Identify and study your target audience
  • Study the market & competitors
  • Study the demographics of the users of different social media platforms
  • Monitor how users use different platforms
  • Use the data to learn where your target audience is most active

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How To Choose The Right Social Media Tool

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The process of choosing the right social media tool weighs in a huge responsibility. After all, these tools hold the power to extract the most out of your social media platform. However, if you have been struggling to find the right tool to streamline your social media marketing efforts, here’s how you can begin the process.

  1. Set Your Social Media Goals: Before you begin to decide on a particular marketing tool, it is important to clearly define the goals you wish to achieve with your social media reach. Maybe, you just wish to focus on basic daily publishing, or perhaps you want to host giveaways, run campaigns, and utilize your platform to its maximum potential. But whatever you aim to achieve needs to be clearly set at the beginning of choosing any tool.
  2. Study Your Needs & Requirements: Once you have the end goal in mind, identify the sub-tasks required to reach that goal. Zero in on those sub-tasks that are essential on a daily basis to help you reach your ultimate goal. These sub-tasks will be your needs and requirements. For instance, a post’s optimal time feature, scheduling, competitive analysis, etc.
  3. Make A List Of The Top Features: Social media tools can help you with multiple aspects of social media marketing such as engagement tracking, automated posting/scheduling, data monitoring, data analysis, social listening, etc. After a careful analysis of your needs and requirements, make a list of features that are an absolute must-have for you. And shortlist a few tools as per those requirements.
  4. Set Your Budget: Set up a monthly or annual amount that you would keep just for social media marketing. Your budget is one of the real game changers here! You might aim for the stars and the moon, but it is your budget that will keep you grounded in reality. After all, for continued marketing efforts, it is essential to set a realistic budget!
  5. Evaluate: Now that you have a clear picture and understanding of everything, it is time to evaluate your options. Refer to a list of options and carefully evaluate them on the basis of the features they provide, the pricing, the ease of use, and your ideal setting. Instead of going for a tool that gives you everything, consider a tool that offers you the best of what you really need. This is, of course, unless you really require all of it and have to budget to invest in the same.

Social Media Tools

Here’s a list of some of the popular social media tools that you can choose from:

  1. Zoho Social
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Buffer
  5. Audiense
  6. Tailwind
  7. TweetDeck
  8. MeetEdgar
  9. Agorapulse
  10. SocialFlow

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Benefits Of Using Social Media Tools

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Social media tools can help you unlock the true potential of social media platforms. Here are a few insights that will help you understand how:

  1. With the help of these tools, it becomes easier to monitor the social media engagement for your brand. Which further helps you in identifying the audience that’s your focus group.
  2. Moreover, with these tools, you are no longer mindlessly posting, but rather, you get the power to target the right kind of post at the right time. You get to identify your high-traffic hours for different days of the week for different platforms.
  3. Respond to all of your replies, comments, mentions, etc., from one place. One dashboard is all you need to monitor and manage all of your social media engagement.
  4. Study your post’s performance, reach, and engagement rate. Social media marketing tools allow you to look past just the likes and comments; they allow you the access to study the collective data to help derive better marketing insights.
  5. Monitor, manage, and measure! With access to collective data, you can easily measure what’s working for your brand’s social media strategy, what’s not, and why!

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Choosing the right social media management and marketing tool is crucial! It could be an investment toward taking the next step forward in your marketing strategy! Moreover, the right tool could help you streamline your efforts for better results all the while saving a lot of your time. We hope you found the above-mentioned tactics helpful! Let us know in the comment section what works best for you. If you would like to take a look at more such informative content, check out our blog page

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