Three Reasons You Don’t Blog (And Why They’re Wrong)


We at Fotoskribe are so fortunate to pair talented writers with amazing photographers. Today, please allow us to introduce our newest collaborator, Stephanie Ostermann. Her writing skills are only matched by her photography skill, and we know her unique point of view on both sides of the creative highway is helpful to professional photographers of all levels. 

Over the last four years, I’ve spent countless hours teaching and speaking about writing. I’ve also spent a good chunk of that time writing – blog posts and content, as well as for my personal purposes like journaling. Usually, I hear the same three reasons people don’t blog, and usually, I can knock down those reasons quickly.

Reason #1: I don’t know how to write.

If you can speak, you can write.

No, really. If you have every relayed a story about something that has happened in your life, you can write. Chances are, you already do write, and often  – on social media sites, in emails, over text. The key is to remember that all of it is simply communicating. If sitting down and actually writing it down seems daunting, try dictating and then transcribing, or making bullet point lists, or telling someone else the story and having them write it down for you. But you do know how to write.

Reason #2: No one will want to read what I have to say.

First of all, when did you become a psychic? How do you know people won’t want to read what you have to say? This circles back to the first reason – do people talk to you now? Do they listen? Then, someone, somewhere, does want to read what you have to say. Even if it’s just your mom and your aunt Francine to begin with. If who will or won’t read your  blog is why you aren’t writing in it, in the immortal words of Elsa from Frozen – let it go! Keeping your blog up to date is about more than just who is reading it (and I promise, people will read it), it’s also about making sure the almighty Google reads it – and indexes your site.

Reason #3: I don’t have the time.

Blogging is a business task.

Call up the IRS and tell them you didn’t have time to do your taxes. Maybe tell your cell phone company you didn’t have time to pay the bill. The only real difference between those two examples and blogging is that you have to hold yourself accountable. Blogging is a business task, and it’s one you have to make time for. And if you really can’t (or won’t) make the time for it, outsource it!  Blogging is a job you can’t ignore, even though there are lots of ultra sexy articles out there telling you blogging is dead, that you can get away with using social media alone, and so on.

What other reasons have you been using not to blog? I’d love to hear them – and talk about ways to overcome them!

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And if you know how to blog, but are looking for a partner to help get you on a schedule, contact us at anytime!