What Am I Supposed To Write About? Writing Advice for Photographers


Writing Advice for Photographers from Stephanie Ostermann

In working with photographers to communicate more effectively with their clients,  what they often want me to do is reassure them that they are “allowed” to write about certain topics. While I’m a firm believer in the old adage that rules were meant to be broken, I also know that it helps people to start to work on ideas for writing blog posts when they have a sense of which of their ideas to toss out (or save for a personal blog) and which to keep.

There are no real rules about what you can blog about because it is your blog.

There are industry standards, there are best practices, there are moral and ethical considerations, but there are no actual rules. It’s your business, your blog, and your platform for your ideas.

First, consider your ideal client. I know, this is such a common piece of business advice you’re probably tired of hearing it. But it’s important to know. If your ideal client is a young bride to be with no children, she is going to be drawn to different things than a second-time bride with adult children. Both of these brides probably won’t want to read a charming story about how your toddler flushed the goldfish down the toilet to set it free – but if you’re a family photographer whose ideal client is a mom to young kids, that’s exactly the type of post she’s going to be interested in reading, and better yet, sharing with her friends.

Once you’ve got an idea of who your ideal client is, and what they want to read, decide on your personal list of “rules”. Sharing about yourself is important, but it’s always good to consider which parts you want to share. Your secret love of Lego sets is a great topic if you want to draw clients who also love Lego, but it could lead people who think adults playing with toys is immature to seek a different photographer. The great news? You probably didn’t want to work with them anyways.

To build a framework for what type of content you will share on your blog, I like to create three to four categories for the types of posts you’ll share. The first is obvious, and also the one most of you probably do without too much stress – your work. You may want to have a category for personal posts about your life, and another for your local community or vendors you enjoy working with. The possibilities are truly endless, but giving yourself three or four “buckets” into which you will sort your ideas will help it feel a little less daunting.

Next, pick up a magazine that speaks to your ideal client. Head to your closest bookstore or craft store (they have a surprisingly great magazine section), and browse the magazine rack. Chances are, there are several magazines you can picture your ideal client reading. Use that as a way to start to harvest ideas for blog posts that your ideal client will enjoy reading. This exercise will probably also help you come up with another category you know your clients will enjoy – maybe fashion, food, or home decor are the shared passion you’ve had with your favorite clients.

Finally, make collecting ideas a habit. Keep a small notebook and jot down the thoughts that come to you when you’re busy doing other things. Sort those ideas into your categories, too, and you’ll soon have a huge well of ideas to draw from when you sit down to write blog posts.

Need help coming up with ideas? Feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help make your blog a successful part of your business.

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