WordPress Tutorial – Schedule Posts in Advance

October 1, 2013
Rachel Avery Conley


Blogging on a regular and consistent basis is the best way to share content on your site and raise higher organically in search engine rankings without paying for it. Pick a day and time every week to blog, or a date (or two) every month.

One of the most useful features in WordPress is the ability to schedule posts out into the future. Say you have a burst of energy, and write 5 posts in one day. DO IT! But don’t publish them all on that day, schedule them out for the next 5 weeks. I’ll show you how in the WordPress tutorial below.

start a new post in WordPress and find the publish panel

Choose the edit option to change the date & time to publish screenshot of how to change date & time in publish panel in wordpress screenshot of how to schedule in publish panel in wordpress

Scheduling posts is a great way to get ahead in your business.

Treat your blog as part of the marketing engine for your business and plan it out!