Blogging Best Practices

March 1, 2014
Rachel Avery Conley


“Help! I hate blogging, but I know I have to do it. Do you have any tips?”

That is the question we always get asked when talking to photographers about blogging. The answer is simple and straightforward: schedule your blogs in timely intervals and find a blogging buddy to hold you accountable.

While the answer is easy to say, sometimes it’s really hard to do! We’ve broken the answer down into two blogging best practices, found below:

Schedule your blogs

Pick a time interval and schedule your blogs to go live at the same time.

Once a week – Pick a day and a time (ex: Tuesdays at 1pm) and have a blog go live that day every week.

Once every other week – Same idea, pick a day & time and have a blog up every other week on that day.

Once a month – Pick a date and time (ex: the 15th of every month at 1pm) and have a blog go up every month on that date.

Find a Blogging Buddy

Accountability: Having someone to hold you accountable helps to focus you on blogging on a schedule. It’s human nature to want to put things off until the last minute, and creative professionals seem to be the worst (or best?) at procrastination. But having someone else know that you are supposed to blog helps when you just don’t want to do it.

Proofreading: It’s also nice to know that a second set of eyes will be reading your post to make sure that it makes sense and that someone may catch any glaring typos.

Partnership: Try to structure this mini-partnership so that you BOTH are blogging. The benefits of a blogging buddy work best when you are blogging together. It doesn’t have to be the same day, but if you are in the same interval period, it will only help.

These blogging best practices may seem simple and easy, but be aware—it’s harder than you think. Blogging every week, finding the time and the content, is a big commitment. Large businesses are creating this as a full time position for one (or more!) people. You, as a photographer, know that regular and consistent blogging is important to grow your business and to share your beautiful images with the world. You also know that you have a hundred other tasks to keep the business going, so use these tips to allot time in your schedule, and you will see a difference in your online marketing efforts!

Feel free to contact us for further information or help. We love to talk about blogging!