How to Build A Content Marketing Roadmap

January 26, 2022
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In this digital age, when it comes to driving traffic to your website or reaching out to your potential clients, content marketing is considered to be one of the most potent ways of achieving the desired goal. Also, great content doesn’t just help entrepreneurs stay connected with their potential clients but also helps retain their existing customers. But, how does one know what types of content to create and what topics to be covered to realize the set goals? Narrowing down to the most effective content might look like an uphill task or a marketing team might be just producing content without a definitive objective and no positive impact on the business. So, how should one create and prioritize content? The answer lies in creating a roadmap! A content marketing roadmap is a plan that can help you organize your topics, create the right content, and implement it to ensure that your content objectives are on track. You can, then, work on its scheduling and timeline. But, why is a marketing roadmap really important for your business, and how can you build one for yourself? We’ve shared all about it here!

Why Is Content Marketing Roadmap Important

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There are several ways in which a content marketing roadmap can actually help you in your business. Take a look at them below!

  • Chalking out a roadmap will allow you to prioritize your content strategy. It will ensure that you and your team are focused on developing content to meet an objective instead of just mindlessly churning out heaps of content that yield no specific result. 
  • It will help you look into new ideas and prioritize them against your pre-planned content strategy and scheduled content.
  • A content marketing roadmap will allow you to visualize progress. You will be able to track how much you have moved ahead as compared to your pre-set objectives. It will also let you highlight any loopholes. 
  • The roadmap will keep your entire marketing team in sync. It will keep the whole process transparent while also keeping your team on schedule.
  • This roadmap will allow you to give other teams such as sales and customer service a high-level insight into your content strategy and schedule.

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The Crucial Elements

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Now, if you are wondering what your content marketing roadmap should include, let’s tell you that it should actually be a visualization of what content you want to create, why you want to create it, and when you want to create and schedule it. These three things will make your marketing roadmap effective. To get the best results, once you are sure about these three components, it is important that you align them with some crucial elements, which are: 

  • Goal/Objective: The roadmap will have to first capture if your objective is to raise awareness or bring leads or create a buzz around your brand or just retain your customers.
  • Campaign/Initiative: A theme, campaign, or a high-level initiative will help you provide context to your content marketing. It will allow you to determine if you want to produce a series of blogs or a series of videos to meet your goals.
  • Timing/Calendar: Having a schedule will allow you to execute complex projects with ease. Deadlines will let you know when you are supposed to finish a step and go ahead with the next so that you can create the right impact with your content among your audience.
  • Content Details: This should be one part of your content marketing roadmap. It can include the type of content you will be creating, information about each piece such as, topic, the channel chosen for delivery, etc.
  • Status of Content: Is the keyword finalized? Is the topic researched? Has the content been created and is it ready to be uploaded? A roadmap will help you answer all these questions and know the status of each of your content pieces. So, do not forget to include it in your roadmap.

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Ways To Create A Content Marketing Roadmap

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There isn’t just one universal content marketing roadmap template because every business is different, their goals are different, and the elements they need to map and streamline through this roadmap could also be different. So, before building your own content roadmap, revisit your organizational objectives and overall marketing strategy. You may choose to create a roadmap using a spreadsheet or a presentation. There are also many templates available in the market, which you can use to create a content roadmap for your business. 

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Without a solid content marketing roadmap, you might struggle to deliver good and engaging content to your target audience. And, this could lead you to miss an opportunity to cater to customer concerns, boost your brand recall value, and achieve your business marketing goals. Also, if you do not revisit your goals and strategy from time to time, your roadmap could get dated and fail to keep up with your business goals. So, stay focused and update your strategy as well as your roadmap at regular intervals. Now, if you are wondering how to keep up with consistent blogging as a part of your content creation and marketing strategy, the answer lies in outsourcing.

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