How to Write an ‘About Me’ Page For Your Photography Website

August 4, 2021
How to Write an ‘About Me’ Page For Your Photography Website

Consider your ‘about me’ page as your and your photography business’s virtual introduction to anyone who is browsing through your website. And if your website and your ‘about me’ page are enticing enough, these web users could even be your potential customers. Moreover, an ‘about me’ page is one of the important web pages for a photography website since this is the page that your customers will check out to learn more about you and your story. However, if you find yourself struggling and dread the idea of writing an ‘about me’ page, this blog on how to write an ‘about me’ page could be of some assistance. 

Steps To Write a Compelling ‘About Me’ Page

1. State ‘About Me’ as the Navigation Item

Infographic stating name the navigation item 'about me' to avoid confusion

A navigation menu is often thoughtfully curated to display the most essential pages of the website, and the ‘about me’ page is one of them. It is usually listed in the second place, just after the home page. Even though you can assign any name to it, it is wise to name the navigation item ‘about me’ to avoid confusion. When it comes to naming the title of the page, you could get more creative. Most photographers often use their brand name or their name as the title of the ‘about me’ page.

2. Add an Image of Yourself

Adding a self-portrait is one of the crucial steps in the process of writing an ‘about me’ page. It feels more personal when you add your face to your description, especially for your photography website. So look for a professional headshot and if you do not have any, try to get one! It’s worth the effort. Even though the photographer in you might be more comfortable behind the camera, this is one of those times when being in front of the camera could be worth that trip outside the comfort zone. And don’t forget to put those pearly whites on display!

3. Write in First Person

Write your content in a first-person speech to establish a personal connection with your readers. Your bio should read as if you are speaking to them and not reading to them. Moreover, writing in the first person could also allow you to share some personal anecdotes, which can further strengthen the connection you want to make with your audience.

4. Tell Your Story

Infographic stating narrate your wedding photography journey through your 'about me' page

No other page on your website is more fitted to tell your story. Your ‘about me’ page is a space where you can share your journey in the wedding photography industry with your readers. So narrate your story, talk about your interests, what inspired you to become a photographer, what keeps you motivated, etc. Start by writing an attractive introduction. The first few sentences of your bio can either keep the readers engaged or prompt them to leave. You could also tell them more about your brand and the photography experience you aim to provide your couples.

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5. Keep It Short

Your story could be really captivating, but if it is too long, there is a chance that users might leave your page mid-way. So try to keep your introduction and story short, simple to understand, and engaging. One of the ways to take care of this is to write whatever comes to your mind in one go and edit your piece when you are done writing it. This will help you structure it right and remove any information that serves no purpose.

6. Find a Balance Between Casual and Professional

While writing the content for your ‘about me’ page, it is crucial to find that sweet spot between too casual and too professional. It is your bio, so you can add a personal touch to it while describing yourself and your work – as long as it does not set an impression that you wrote it in a rush. However, this could also totally depend on what you prefer for your brand. Whether you want to go overly casual or professional, the choice is yours.

7. Do a Grammar Check

Infographic stating use online writing assistant tools such as Grammarly or Hemingway Editor

Not only do grammatical errors look unprofessional, but they could also put a damper on the spirit of your creative expression. Therefore, it goes without saying, steer clear of grammatical mistakes. You could also take the help of online writing assistant tools such as Grammarly or Hemingway Editor to enhance your writing. In addition to that, you could also opt for an editor to proofread it.

8. Add Testimonials

If you have got some exceptional testimonials from your previous clients, consider your ‘about me’ page as a place to display them. Testimonials help you establish trust and increase credibility, so what better place to highlight this section than a page that already has your user’s attention. However, only add them if you have legit testimonials that add value to your brand. Adding fraudulent or fake reviews can do your brand more harm than good. 

9. Add a Call-To-Action Button

Infographic stating add a clearly visible call-to-action button

You have written an engaging introduction, added stunning images, and have finally got your audience’s attention – what now? How can you drive all that effort into a fruitful result? Simple! Add a call-to-action (CTA) button. You have put in all this effort to eventually turn this organic traffic into leads and later into potential customers, making adding a clear call-to-action another relevant aspect of creating a compelling ‘about me’ page. However, you can also opt to add the CTA button to the contact form if you have designed a separate page for it. 

10. Add More Images

For a website, images and videos are just as essential as words, even more so for a photography business website. So placing your pictures along with your content could also encourage your readers to stick around. They can be displayed as an example of your services and also complement the stories you narrate.

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Infographic stating it might take several edits but don’t give up

We understand that there is a lot that goes into creating impactful and impressive content for your website that does justice to your style and brand. And it can take you some time to land on content that sounds like an account of yourself – both as a passionate professional and individual. However, remember, it is an effort worth making, so keep at it. We hope you found this blog on how to write an about me page helpful! If you have any questions or queries, please let us know in the comment section below.

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